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Introduction of Tower of Saviors v3.1 ‘The Stargazers’ Calling’ New System

  In the update version of ‘The Stargazers’ Calling’, beside of the new series of monsters and skills, game interface and functions will be optimized. The upper limit of game level and inventories will also be increased.


  Ten consecutive draws is available in v3.1 as well. Summoners can keep trying their luck until drawing a good card!


  When choosing Allies and getting ready to enter battles, CD will show on the icons of characters to let Summoners choose their best companions!


  The function of choosing the order of Attack targets will be added, so that Summoners can have better planning on their fighting strategies.




  There will be a new function that cards in inventory can be sorted by Attributes and Races. By sorting the cards, Summoners can easily find the cards they want to form different teams.

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  In the upcoming versions, Tower of Saviors will roll out more user-friendly and creative features!


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