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Tower of Saviors Opens the door of challenges! Unleash the ultimate power!

  In order to reach Gods, the ancient people built Enochian Tower as a gateway to heaven. Warriors of different races accepted numerous challenges, breaking through the obstacles in the Tower to reach heaven.




  Constrainted by Gods, warriors’ power is still hidden. Only by passing the Challenge Stage, the ultimate power can be unleashed!

Detailed about ‘Power Release’


  The upcoming v3.1 version will feature ‘Power Release’ which is different from Level Up and Evolve. ‘Power Release’ has no limit on levels. Once Summoners can pass the the Challenge Stage, they can collect specific Elements for ‘Power Release’.




  After the Main Character’s power is released, beside of top-up on Attack and HP, it can have Active Skills comparable to Gods.




  ’Power Release’ will have different natures which correspond to different Attributes. Different elements for Evolve will be needed in each case.

Five-Attribute ‘Power Release’ crosses the boundary!


  When the main characters of five attributes are ‘Power Release’, their new Active Skills make them even more powerful!


  Main characters of five attributes, which most new players would like to use at the early stage, can be obtained from Friend Point Cards or by finishing some normal battles.


  With the introduction of ‘Power Release’, their potential is unleashed and they now can be very competitive members in the team!


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Boundary Crossing not only can add extra rows of runestones, but also top up attack power.


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