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The Torch of Æsir

【The Torch of Æsir】

  Here comes Odin…


★ 1st Event: Log in Rewards

Time: Aug 19 (Mon) – Aug 21 (Wed)

Log in daily during this period to get a total of 3 diamonds.


★ 2nd Event:『The Sleipnir』Soulmaster

Time: Aug 21 (Wed) 00:00 – 23:59

This is a one-day limited battle for the level Soulmaster only, be prepared to encounter the armored knight on his Sleipnir!


★ 3rd Event: Special Battle『Spirit of the Torch』

Time: Aug 24 (Sat)

*One-time clearance

Filled with a deadly scent, this torch brings memories of great battles fought by the gods!


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