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Tower of Saviors Exceeding 6 Million Downloads Worldwide Celebration Events

【Tower of Saviors Exceeding 6 Million Downloads Worldwide Celebration Events】


★ 1st Event: Log in Diamonds

Time: Aug 26 (Mon) – Sept 1 (Sun)

Log in daily during this period to get a total of 7 diamonds.


★ 2nd Event: Seal Card Event『The Legend of Ragnarök』

Time: Aug 29 (Thurs) 13:00 – 23:59

The chance for getting the Norse gods is increased by 200%


This includes:

5* Freyr

5* Tyr

5* Freyja

5* Thor

5* Loki


★ 3rd Event: Friend Points Event

Time: Aug 30 (Fri)

Log in that day to receive 1,000 friend points.


★ 4th Event: Friend Point Seal Card Event

Time: Aug 30 (Fri) 13:00 – 23:59

The chance to get monsters for evolve is increased by 200%.


This include:

5* The Midnight Joker


★ 5th Event: Special Battle『The Blue Storm』

Time: Aug 31 (Sat)

Be in for a stage of madness brought about by Madhead!

*One-time clearance


★ 6th Event: Higher chance in Greater Level Up Results

Time: Sept 1 (Sun) 13:00 – 23:59

Higher chance for Level Up results of “Brilliant!” and “Perfect!”


★ 7th Event: Mysterious Event

The details will be announced soon!


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