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Dragons’ Revival in Tower of Saviors

  Tower of Saviors version 3.1, the『Stargazer’s Call』, the asleep Dragons are going to revive that they do not only greatly enhance the attacking power of the whole team, they also inherited the secret power of ancient dragons.


Six consecutive runes! Inflict bloody attack!


  The well-trained dragons possess strong attcking power. When six runes gather, Dragon Spiritors can release the power that destroys all Elements!


  When meeting specific dissolving requirement, dragons’ secret power can increase the attacking power!



Destroy is a signature of Dragon Spiritors.


  Dragonesses can absorb enemies’ blood when inflicting attack, which makes them become the best team player in a team with much HP, strong attack and high recovery.



More Attack, more HP absorbed! Inflicting attack becomes the best way to protect yourself!


  Draogn Spiritors work together to synergize teh attacking power of the same race. Regardless of the constraint raised by team combination, Dragons can fully utilize the power of runestones to achieve ‘the Beauty of Violence’!



Dragon Spiritors’ attacking power is comparable to 12 Zodiacs.

Team Skill – Power of Draogns


  Apart from the team skills of ‘Defensive Dragons’ and ‘Ethereal Dragon’, version 3.1 has added several new Team Skills for Draogn Spiritors.




When Leader or Ally is monsters of Dragon Spiritors ( Dragon Spiritors must be the Leader) and the team includes one ‘Ethereal Dragon’ of same attribute, the Dragon Spiritor and Ethereal Dragon will have Attack Power x 130%.


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