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Tower of Saviors version 3.2 Preview – B.Duck has arrived TOS!

  Tower of Saviors version 3.1 『Stargazer’s Call』led teh game to the breakthrough of 7 million downloads worldwide!


  The calculation of download numbers has ruled out the factor of players’ repeated account registration. The achievement of downloads is attributed to the endless support by Summoners. The production team will definitly continue puttiny much more efforts on the game.


  To bring more suprises to Summoners, Tower of Saviors cooperates with local quality product brand, B.Duck.


What surprises do they have for Summoners?

An exclusive preview of B.Duck in-game characters. Here we go!


  In the ‘Duck Fever’ now in Taiwan, Tower of Saviors meanwhile cooperates with B.Duck to introduce 16 new B.Duck Characters into the game.


  The combination of B.Duck’s cute faces and their heroic clothings will definitlely be a refreshing element for the game!


Taiwan is obsessed with the ‘Duck Fever’ from September to November.


  The following provides a quick glimspe of B.Ducks’ styles and skill previews. Get ready for it!

The Treasure Raider



  Behind his smile, the treasure raider has much adventurous experience surviving from firece storms and waves. His capability to master the ocean enables him to switch runestones’ Attributes.


The Water & Fire Shift – Heart Runestones become Water Runestones; Fire Runestones become Heart Runestones

The Martial Master



  Wearing the red gown with a red tassel on hand, The Martial Masterf brings the fascination of the Cantonese Opera to the battlefield. Great Soulstones are also attracted by its oriental charm.

The Fire & Earth Shift – Heart Runestones become Fire Runestones; Earth Runestones become Heart Runestones

The Tribal Chief



  Holding a spear, on his head is a creat of white feathers representing glory, he is The Tribal Chief. The Tribal Chief is born to be a controller, mastering the Attributes if runestones.


The Earth & Water Shift – Heart Runestones become Earth Runestones; Water Runestones become Heart Runestones

Calling anicent souls to control ‘five-attribute’ B.Ducks!


  In the new version, apart from the new B.Duck Characters and background stories, there will be special battles exclusively for B.Duck. Summoners can get B.Ducks by drawing cards or finishing the special battles.

C003 C004

Version 3.2 features new battle stages and music!


  Tower of Saviors values the fairness of the game. All battles are open to both paid and non-paid users. The dropping rate of runestones is totally random that Summoners can enjoy the game in a fair way.


Grasp the chance to get your B.Duck!

Paladin Guardian



  Travellers from the far ocean heard the call from Paladins and gave them a helping hand by sacrificing their bodies.


  ’To prove your own ability, let’s take the challenge!’

Paladin Warrior



  In the adventure, thousands of warriors gathered and separated. The pure monsters holding the ‘axe of warrior’ eased the sorrow of dead spirits.


  ’Warriors use swords to worship dead spirits and victory to glorify them.’

Paladin Shooter



  Spirits hang around in the forest and are always observed by someone. Paladin King of Earth has become Paladin Shooter to release the soul of determined spirits.


  ’Paladin Shooter’s smile does not imply leniency’

Paladin Swordman


  To protect spirits, Paladin Swordman’s holylight shines over them and empower their lives.


  ’Let the dead spirits feel the warth of holylight!’

Paladin Gladiator



  Paladin Gladiator, inheriting the power of Paladin King of Dark, helps the determined spirits to get real freedom.

  ’What warriors pursue is not only blood and glory!’


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