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Tower of Saviors Version 4.0 『The Goddesses’ Axioms』Update Details

Tower of Saviors Version 4.0 『The Goddesses’ Axioms』 writes a new page for the unfinished fierce battles in the skies! In the updated version, never-seen-before monsters, unique powers and skills, as well as new regular battle stages will definitely bring the RPG excitement and fun to another height!


Besides adding new series of characters and team skills, the game interface and functions will also be optimized for even better gaming experience. Version 4.0 also sees the implementation of the long-awaited Guild System and Instant Chat Channel, which will surely increase the communication and sharing opportunities among Summoners. Not only can Summoners share their achievements and strategies, newcomers can also quickly immerse in the TOS world and experience the fun together with their fellow guild mates.


Tower of Saviors Version 4.0 『The Goddesses’ Axioms』 update details


1. New Monsters

-NEW! 31 monsters, 13 active and leader skills. We now have 474 monsters in total!


2. New Guild System

-Added Create Guild function.
-Added Request/Leave Guild and Search Guild function.
-Built-in Instant Chat function is available in Guild System.
-Players can choose guild mates as allies.
-Added Extra Rewards for guild’s stage clearing.
-The maximum number of guild members is limited by guild level. Guild members need to accumulate experience points for the guild to upgrade its level.


3. New Regular Stages

-Added 25 new regular stages.


4. New Battle Music

-Added new battle music for regular stages.


5. Data Adjustment for Monsters

-Please see the table below for more details.


Active Skill Adjustment:

Monster Adjustment
Great Schema of Light
For the active skill “Shield Destructor”, “Enemies’ Defense -75%” will be adjusted to “Enemies’ Defense -90%”


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