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Tower of Saviors Version 5.0 『Eternal Discipline』 Bug Fixes Announcement

The TOS team is currently working hard to fix the bugs found after the version update yesterday Apr 3 (Thurs). We will continue to update the fixed bugs and known issues.


● Fixed Bugs:


1. Unusual display of enemies in certain stages, including:
– 20th battle of “The Villainous Scoundrel” – “Shen Gongbao the Assaulter”
– 14th battle of “The Transcendent Splendor” – “Dragon Guren Sean”
– 20th battle of “The Transcendent Splendor” – “Randeng the Enlightened”


2. Incorrect Recovery figures for some Power-Released Chinese Gods, including:
– “Archimandrite of Fire”
– “Archimandrite of Earth”
– “Archimandrite of Light”
– “Archimandrite of Dark”


3. Unusual drop of Luminous Pearls in Grandmaster levels of Story Mode Stages in “Investiture of Heavenly Kingdom”.


● Known Issues which are currently being fixed:
1. Display failure for coins and seal cards drop from enemies in certain stages. (The actual dropped items are not affected and will be confirmed after the battle is won)
2. Incorrect descriptions in Guild Individual Mission “Searching for Luminous Pearls”.


Dear Summoners, we thank you for your support and greatly appreciate your patience. The next version update will be announced later on TOS Fan Page and Official Website.


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