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Tower of Saviors Version 5.0 『Eternal Discipline』 Fixed Login Issue Announcement

About Tower of Saviors Version 5.0 Login Issue:


It is found that the login instability issue in Version 5.0 was caused by compatibility problem with version settings. The TOS team has adjusted the server settings and solved the instability issue for most devices.


To solve the instability issue, Tower of Saviors Version 5.02 has been released. If the instability issue still occurs, please download and update Tower of Saviors to Version 5.02.


To prevent any loss of game data or account, please do not delete game data or remove the game app if your game account is not yet bound to social network.


As a compensation, 2 diamonds will be distributed to all Summoners of TOS English Version. The compensation diamonds will be gradually distributed after Apr 5 (Sat) 00:00, UTC+08. Please note that this compensation is only applicable to Summoners who have reached Level 10 or above.


The TOS team sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused and greatly appreciate your patience.


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