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Patch Notes – TOS 7.0 『Strains of Glory』

In Version 7.0 『Strains of Glory』, new endorsers shall join Tower of Saviors.  They shall make a grand appearance to the TOS realm as 5 heroes of elements, joining the endless journey with Summoners!  New characters from the 『Cyborg Scholar』 would also be introduced!  Eastern Gods would be able to be power released; while Greek Gods, Western Beast and the Spiritors could attain greater power through Amelioration, giving more flexibility to team formation!


To provide better gaming experience, more optimization had been made in interface and settings, to be explored by Summoners.

Tower of Saviors Version 7.0 『Strains of Glory』 Update Details

1. Added New Monsters

– 30 monsters and various new skills are added.  There are 659 monsters in total.

2. Enlarged maximum capacity of Inventory

 – Maximum capacity of Inventory is increased to 1,000.

3. Guild System optimized

– Active Rate cancelled.

– Upper limit of Guild Lv. is increased to Lv.12.


4. Recording Function optimized

– Recording function is made available for players of Lv.10 or above.

– The function has several requirements to hardware.  A window will be shown when choosing the “Recording” option.

– The video could now be saved.


5. Adjustment in Diamond Seal Card Draw

– The 『Defensive Dragon』 series would be removed from Diamond Seal Card Draw.  Instead, characters from the series could be attained from Friend Point Seal Card Draw.


6. Optimized Game Interface and Game Experience

– Grandmaster Level of 『The Greedy Day』 and 『The Golden Day』 added.

– Evolve element could now be obtained in every wave of daily events. *
– Content of 『Others』 -> 『Help』 updated.
(* This only applies to “Advanced” stage in difficulty)

7. Fixed Certain Known Issues

– The anomaly of weathered Runestones disappearing after restarting a battle is fixed.

– The anomaly of extra attack launched by Active Skill 『Evil Pursit』 and 『Direct Hit』 is fixed.

– The anomaly in battle triggered by Active Skill 『Wall of Elements』 is fixed.

Known Issues in Tower of Saviors Version 7.0 『Strains of Glory』


– The EXP and coins rewarded after clearing a stage could not be shown correctly (this is only a display error for the EXP and coins would be added to Summoners’ account accordingly).

– When the Leader Skills  『Amulet of Dragon』 and 『Cursed Heart』 are activated, no full attacks are launched.

The above issues will be fixed in the next version update.

Fixed Issues in Tower of Saviors Version 7.01 『Strains of Glory』 for Android Version

– The anomaly of activating Leader Skills  『Amulet of Dragon』 and 『Cursed Heart』 at the same time is fixed.

– The description of 『Michael Lucifer』’s Active Skill has been updated.

– The activating condition of Team skill of 『Aesthetic Vixen Su Daji』 has been updated.

Before: When 『Aesthetic Vixen Su Daji』 is the leader of the team, an extra 25% will be added to the Combo bonus

After: When 『Aesthetic Vixen Su Daji』 is the leader or ally of the team, an extra 25% will be added to the Combo bonus (no superimposing)

– The anomaly of opening date of special events displaying incorrectly is fixed.

– The anomaly of Active Skills of 『Main Character – Power Release』 series caused by the return button of Android devices is fixed.


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