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【Upcoming Battles】

★ Soulmaster Stage『The King from Afar』
Time: Nov 12 (Wed)
His Majesty replays the Runestone Symphony!
*One-day Exclusive Battle

★ The Return of『The Visitor from afar – Water』
Time: Nov 10 (Mon) – Nov 16 (Sun)
『Pyrokinesis – The Scarlet Queen』 raids in the stage during the event!
*『Companions of Travellers』will be available to evolve on Nov 10 (Mon), they are powerful than ever!

★ New Event『Unbreakable Bond – Light』
Time: Nov 10 (Mon) – Nov 23 (Sun)

★ New Event『Common Destiny – Earth』
Time: Nov 3 (Mon) – Nov 16 (Sun)

★ New Event『Trail to the Dragons』
Time: Nov 3 (Mon) – Dec 7 (Sun)
The legendary creatures are surrounding the sky!

From Nov 3 (Mon), accumulated rewards will be given for Summoners’ courage when specified rounds are cleared!

The accumulated rewards for clearing specific rounds are as follows:
cleared the 11th round – “Arcane Lustre” x 1
cleared the 15th round – “Aquatic Prime Soulstone” x1
cleared the 18th round – “Harpy” x1 and “Dark Prime Soulstone” x1

★ The Return of『Way to Ruthlessness』in guild-exclusive “Black Hole”
Time:Oct 13 (Mon) – Nov 16 (Sun)
During the event period, 『Way to Ruthlessness』is reopened in the guild-exclusive “Black Hole”!

Points to note:
1. “Black Keys” x8 will be consumed for each entrance to the stage. Each Summoner can enter the stage ONCE per day.
2. When the stage is cleared for the first time during the event period, “Harpy” x1 will be awarded.
3. All Soulstones in the stage will be automatically transformed into Great Soulstones.

★ Permanent Event『The Light Soul’s Blessing 』
Time: Nov 10 (Mon) – Nov 16 (Sun)


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