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【The Immortal Gungnir】

★ 1st Event: Daily Login Diamonds

Time: Jan 5 (Mon) – Jan 11 (Sun)
1 diamond would be given daily during this period. Login every day to get a total of 7 diamonds!

★ 2nd Event: Daily Login Gift

Time: Jan 11 (Sun)
Login during the period to get 200 souls!

★ 3rd Event: Event: Return of Nightmare Stage『The Sleipnir’s Knight』

Time: Jan 10 (Sat)
Riding on his octopedal horse Sleipnir and holding his spear Gungnir, the Knight of Remains has returned!
*One-day Exclusive Battle
* We have added Nightmare Stage to『The Sleipnir’s Knight』. In addition, “Odin the Knight of Remains” is finally ready for Power Release to become more powerful than ever!
* The Power Release element “Draupnir the Intellect” for “Odin the Knight of Remains” can be obtained in the stage『The Sleipnir’s Knight』.

★ 4th Event: Source of Victory

Time: Jan 10 (Sat)
Login on the day to receive Stamina Refill x1!
*Important: this Stamina Refill must be used on or before Jan 10 (Sat)23:59.

★ 5th Event: Special Event『Battle Hymn of Eternity』

Time: Jan 5 (Mon) – Jan 9 (Fri)
The horn sound will rekindle the war of silent.
* One-off Stage

★ 6th Event: Additional Event『Cyborgs‘ Companions』

Time: From Jan 5 (Mon)
Starting from Jan 5 (Mon), the characters of『Cyborgs‘ Companions』might have a chance to drop in the Grandmaster stage of『Fort Stirling』. Get ready to reveal the real power of the Cyborgs by combining『Cyborgs‘ Companions』with『Cyborg Scholars』.

★ 7th Event: 『Fort Stirling』Increased item drop rate in stage.

Time: Jan 5 (Mon) – Jan 9 (Fri)
During the event, the item drop rate in all stages of『Fort Stirling』will be increased

★ 8th Event: Special Event

Details will be announced soon.


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