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[Dragonic Compulsion of “Jasper of Sprinting” Known Issue for iOS 9.1 Version] ( 2015/5/10 )

The TOS team has found that in iOS 9.1 Version, when “Jasper of Sprinting” mode is equipped, and “Dragonic Compulsion” is not launched, the screen will freeze up at the end of the stage. Our team has fixed the problem and waiting for Apple iOS for approval. Please refer to TOS Official Facebook Fan Page and Official Website for more information.


Summoners are advised to use the following method before Apple iOS’s approval.


When unusual situation occurs:
Summoners can quit the game, the EXP, souls, items and coins earned will be automatically saved to your account.


To prevent unusual situation occurs:
When “Jasper of Sprinting” mode was equipped, Summoners can launch “Dragonic Compulsion” during the battle.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused, once again we thank you for all your love and support!


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