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Tower of Saviors" 14.3 Version Updates on "Prologue of the Universe"

Tower of Saviors” 14.3 Version Updates on “Prologue of the Univers


1. New Monsters

– 44 new Monsters and various new Skills, a total of 1642 Monsters available
– New limited Drawing Machine “Source of Engraving”, including 8 Monsters of the “Prologue of the Universe” series

2. Introduction of “Dragonware”

– Equip Monsters with Dragonware to acquire extra effects and boost their power! Protagonists and Servants of Dragons will be first available for the Dragonware in the new version!
To forge Monsters’ Dragonware, “Component” x2 and 5-Star or above Monster x1 are required. Put Dragonware on the Monsters to strengthen their power!

3. Power Release of “Origin of Demons” to enhance their Skills significantly

– Power Release of “Origin of Demons” makes the Monsters even stronger with new outfits!

4. Optimisation of the User Interface and the Game

– 11 new Titles
– New filter function for the Lost Relic
– Optimisation of skill descriptions of enemies
– Optimisation of “Arena”, “Soul Exchange” and “Merchant Ship”
– Redemption record added in Rewards
– New rewards on Slot Machine
– An increase of the maximum Skill Level of the “Adherents of Heresies” series from 5 to 10
– Adjustments to the skills and types of the defending Monsters in Arena
– Optimisation of the card information of “Transcendental Sage – Tang Sanzang”
– Description of team skill of “Nobunaga the Blazing Fervour” is revised
– More gold donation options are added
– Purpose: Make it easy for donating large amount of golds to the Guild for stage purchasing
– Setting:
New options added for donations to the Guild
Exchange and Donate 10,000 Golds (Exchange 10,000,000 Coins for 10,000 Golds)
Exchange and Donate 20,000 Golds (Exchange 20,000,000 Coins for 20,000 Golds)
Exchange and Donate 50,000 Golds (Exchange 50,000,000 Coins for 50,000 Golds)

Last Updated on 2017/12/7 at 4:00PM(UTC+8)


Fixed Issues of “Tower of Saviors” 14.3 Version for iOS and Android

– The page of “Midsummer Album” showroom occurs display error
– In the Market Streets, there may occur a display error with the lightning effect once enemies appeared in a boss stage
– For messages on the Announcements of the Joint Operation, there may occur a display error if a username is too long
– When launching the skill of “Will of the Shriveling – Shyplant” or “Creeping Rancor – Papaver”, no animation is inserted
– After activating the skill of “3 rows of Runestones will be added”, the Runestones affected by “Void Properties” on the top three rows will be displayed abnormally
– For the active skill “Liberation from Cage” of “Birdcage of Relentless Resentment”, “HP will be fully recovered” may lose its efficacy
– The active skill of the respective “Will of the Shriveling – Shyplant” and “Rooted Solicitude – Welwitschia” cannot be used in the same round
– For users who have “Fountain of Wisdom – Atlantis” and the character(s) of the “Revolutionary Heroes” series in the team, activating other skills and selecting “cancel” upon “switching” will lead to game crash
– In the “Easy Way Out” stage of “Bring Back Elizabeth” and the “Deadlocked Ladies” stage of “Break the Deadlock” in Age of Black Iron, the use of combined Demons character(s) will lead to game crash upon the stage completion
– The Active Skill of “Hajikamiio the Shikigami” cannot be activated when HP is less than 50%
– Active skill of “The Lost Mad Hatter” has lost its efficacy
– The Active Skill “Shield Blast” of “Aries of Courage – Poppy” functions improperly upon combination
– When using Dragonic Craft that ignores Quintet Elemental Shield, Summoners need to dissolve the Runestones that possessed the effects of the attacker’s attribute. Dissolving Runestones that also possess the effect of other Runestones cannot break the Quintet Elemental Shield
– In the stage of Demon Prince’s Ferocity – Extra under “Celestial Shen Zhou” of the Story Mode, the Active Skill of “Cassandra” may function improperly when encountering “Oichi the Lunar Curse”
– The Active Skill of “Torrid Purgatory – Abadon” abnormally turns Runestones into Demon Runestones

 Last Updated on 2017/12/4 at 7:00PM(UTC+8)

Known Issues of “Tower of Saviors” 14.3 Version for iOS and Android

– There may occur a situation that game ends without depleting one’s strength and players cannot revive
– There may occur a situation that Summoners in Grade 4 in the Arena cannot simultaneously become the host of 4 arenas
– In the page of Guild Members, if any event is in progress, the ranking of Guild Points of violated accounts is not removed
– Completing the “Age of Black Iron” stage will be brought back to the main map instead of the “Age of Black Iron” map
– There may occur screen error when double clicking back button in card details
– When using the function of “Contact Us” in the “Announcement”, attachments cannot not be added upon sending out CS mails
– The Active Skill of “The Will of Gaea – Orochi” occasionally affects the Runestone generating ability of Leader Skills of “Mai”, “Kyo”, and “Iori”
– The Active Skill icon of “Aloha the Wave-riding Killer Whale” displays abnormally
– “Skills of “turn the first 6 runestones touched while moving into X Runestones” may cause skills of “if all X Runestones are dissolved” losing its efficacy
(E.g. “Immorality behind Royalty – Mahonin” affects “Maiden of Izumo – Kushinada”; “Cunning Entity – Gamester Fraud” affects “Mothman”)”
– When launching the skill of “Will of the Shriveling – Shyplant”, no animation is inserted
– After the runestone burst of “Scorpio of Agility – Alma”, if one can defeat enemies without activating the skill of Alma to boost its attack x4, such effect may lose its efficacy
– The active skill of the respective “Will of the Shriveling – Shyplant” and “Witch Hunter Brynhild” cannot be used in the same round
– The floor “Future of the North” of the stage “The End of All” in the Age of Heroic Spirits and the floor “Drenched in Sweat” of the stage “The Toy’s Wish” in the Age of Black Iron, the respective boss stages are affected by Damage-reducing, Controlling and Willpower skills. The correct setting should be regardless of Damage-reducing, Controlling and Willpower skills



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