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“Tower of Saviors” 15.4 Version Updates on “TOS☆Hakusho”


“Tower of Saviors” 15.4 Version Updates on “TOS☆Hakusho”

1. New Monsters

– 31 new Monsters and various new Skills, a total of 1827 Monsters available.

– New Limited Seal “Block of Duels”, including 8 Monsters of the “Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho” series.

* All relevant events & rewards of “Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only

2.  Amelioration of “Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho”Available Immediately After 15.4 Version Updates
Alongside the launch of “Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho” series, Amelioration will also be available with enhanced power.

3. Optimization of the User Interface and the Game

– 9 new Titles

– Optimization of Diamond Seal UI

– Background added after zooming to view Monsters

– New Function Added – Click your own name to switch to UID

“Tower of Saviors” iOS & Android 15.40/15.41 Version Fixed Issues
Android & iOS :


– If the attack exceeds 2.1 billion in the Arena, the number will show as 0

– There is no BGM when and after the second time you decompose a character

– There is no BGM when and after the second time you insert a coin into the Slot Machine

– The hint shown in “Tower of Seminars” has a display error

– Smartphones with the screen ratio of 18.5:9 may have background error when opening the window of card info

– There may occur an error in icon display positions

– Scores of Arena Ranklist have a display error

– After opening the card details upon material exchange in the Trade Fortress, it cannot return to the frontpage

– The page of guild chatroom had a display error in smartphones with screen ratio of 16:10

– A position error occured in the reward list of Joint Operation, which cannot be clicked to redeem some of the rewards

– When viewing the AME stories of characters in story timeline, story window of another character will pop out when clicking the bottom

– When the Skill Level reaches maximum after completing a stage, no notice is shown in battle result

– The text order of some enemy descriptions occurs an error

– In tutorials, TOS express occurs a display error

– The icons of character dialogues are misplaced

【Monster Skills】

– When turning off the skill, Mech Smilodon’s CD-1

– Dissolving the adjacent runestones of Puzzle Shield will also do damages to the enemies

– After activating the skills of “Aquarius of Fantasy – Carrie” & “7009 the Invisible Killer”, it may lead to game crash

– The damage of Illumi’s Active Skill does not disregard enemy skills

– On the 19th floor of Heaven’s Arena, the enemy skill “Ambush · 1 Round non-Human Lockdown EX · Electrified Column” of Killua doesn’t lock Machinas

– After activating the Active Skill 2 of “Limitation Transformation – Gon”, Switching of “Killua” will remove the display effect of “Limitation Transformation – Gon”

– Enemy Skill’s display of “Non-Dark Weakening, Runestone Conversion – Light, Combo Nullifying – Light” occurred an error

iOS :


– Enemies with “Poisoning” Skill have an error in its effect



– There is a display error in Glauox shortcut

“Tower of Saviors” iOS & Android 15.40/15.41 Version Known Issues
Android & iOS :


– After defeating enemies with “Quintet Element Shield”, its icon may stay in the next round

– In some cases, locking enemies functions abnormally

– When evolving the Monster you’ve already owned, the BGM will stop automatically

– In tutorials, the instruction icon occurs a display error

– After finishing the tutorial of dragonic craft, Glauox still remains on screen

– For smartphones with 18:9 screen ratio, when returning to battle, it may result in black screen

– The “confirm” button is misplaced in smartphones with screen ratio of 18.7:9

– For smartphones with the screen ratio of 18.5:9, leaving the battle in the setting may pop out reward window

– The battle scene “Underpass” may lead to display error in enemy icons

– The height ratio of the stories in Story Timeline occurs an error

– The scrolling speed of some lists is too fast

– The spacing of Guild Chatroom occurs an error

– Some positions occur an error in Guild Chatroom

– There may be an error in the tutorials

– The numbers of score displayed on the upper left corner of Arena are overlapped

– In the Battle Preparation page of Joint Operation, an error may occur in editing team under specific circumstances

– The display board will not appear in the login screen when players other than Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand login in

【Monster Skills】

– If you activate the Active Skill of “Ancestral Follower – Seth” when facing the enemies who can change their own attributes, it will lead to game crash after you activate “Switching”

– After activating the Active Skill of “Unbegotten Source – Ubbo”, it doesn’t revive HP when the enemy is defeated

– When activating the Active Skill of “Moonlight Guardian – Chang’e” & “Fiend of Destruction – Azathoth” in order, the water and heart runestones dropped are not enchanted

– After defeating enemies with the Active Skill of “Sniper of Patina – Lionel, Summoner still receives damages

– Earth Runestones are not locked in the first round by the enemy

– In Wave 9 of “The Dazzling Light – Nightmare”, when touching one of the locked runestones while moving, it will lead to display error

– It may lead to a calculation error when the Active Skill of “Scheming Usurper – Dong Zhuo”, “Switching” & “3 rows of Runestones will be added” are activated at the same time

– When enemies revive, its effect will overlap after activating “switching” or relogin the game, and it will remain in the battle

– The Enchanted Human Runestone icon generated by the Team Skill of “Kurapika” may remain in the battle

– Wrong CVs may have played when activating the Combined Skills of character of “Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho”

– The effect of single attack of “Godspeed – Killua” occurs an error

– Enemy with “Own Attribute Weakening, Skill Lock – Beast-hunt, Runestone Conversion – Earth, Lock-for-Recovery Runestones – Earth” has a “Poisoning” display icon