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1st Switchable Dragon Black Gold “Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui”! “Bahamut”, Guardian of Mech City, Debuts!

Tower of Saviors

1st Switchable Dragon Black Gold “Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui”!

“Bahamut”, Guardian of Mech City, Debuts!

“Metal Fanatic – Michelle” Guild Mission Rolls Out!


Going into the 5th week of version 18.0, “Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui”, Dragon black-gold character from “Relics of Fantasy”, will go into the realm at 4 pm next monday! At the same time, “Noble Fire of the Lost – Bahamut” will be included into the Diamond Seal “Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui”! Besides, “Metal Fanatic – Michelle” will bring you a brand new mission “Destructive Band”!

  •   7-Day Limited! Dragon Black Gold “Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui”!

“Noble Fire of the Lost – Bahamut” Releases!


New dragon black-gold character “Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui” will debut at 4 pm, 7 Oct (Mon). Summoners can draw this 7-star super rare character in the drawing machine “Echo of Rune Dragon”. During the event period, “Noble Fire of the Lost – Bahamut” will also be added into the “Echo of Rune Dragon” and “Ancient Coin Seal”! 10-seal draw option will also be available for players’ convenience.  For each 10-seal draw made in “Echo of Rune Dragon”, you can get a random PR material. 


Upon version 18.1 update, “Noble Fire of the Lost – Bahamut” will be added into  “Seal of the Engraver – Part 1” and “Seal of the Carver – Part 2”.

  •  Ancient Coin Seal” Available!


During the event period, Ancient Coin Seal will open for 7 days. This time,  “Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui”, “Noble Fire of the Lost – Bahamut” & “Primal Deities” will be added!


  •  1st Switchable Dragon Black Gold  ── Qing Gui


After Switching, “Qing Gui” will have full 12 EP!

When dissolving 3 or more Earth Runestones in 1 Round, 1 EP will be stored!

Earth Dragon “Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui” is the only switchable black-gold character for now! After Switching, Qing Gui’s HP & Attack will be greatly boosted.

  •   Jade of Superiority” ── Attack & HP Up; Earth Runestones Possess Other Attributive Runestones


Before Switching, “Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui” has the leader skill “Jade of Superiority”: 

I. Dragon Attack x 5; HP x 1.5.
II. By dissolving Dragon Runestones, the Monster’s Attack x 2.5 additionally.
III. When 3 or more Dragons launch attacks, Team Attack x 2.4 additionally.
IV. When the Team consists of only Dragons, Earth Runestones also possess 25% effect of other Attributive Runestones.

  • Team Skill ── Dragon CDs become 0; Attack Up; Extend 3-sec Runestone Moving Time; Recover HP


Team Skill
Condition Effect

“Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui”
“Howl of Rune Dragon – Qing Gui” as Leader & Ally
After entering a stage, Active Skill CDs of Dragons become 0.
Every time a Dragon activating its Skill, Team Attack increases onwards, to the max x 6 for 20 times
The more the Combos made, the higher the Team Attack increases additionally, to the max x 2.5 for 15 Combos
Extend Runestone-moving time by 3 seconds
Recover 3000 HP for each Dragon Runestone dissolved, to the max recover 60000 HP for 20 Runestones dissolved

You can be blessed with multiple team skill effects when using “Qing Gui” as Leader & Ally. With Dragon’s CDs becoming 0 after entering a stage, Summoner can switch “Qing Gui” into “Howl of Rune Dragon – Qing Gui” when the battle starts! 

  •  Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui” Active Skill 1 ── Allure of the Jade


Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui” can activate “Allure of the Jade” upon 5 CD:

I. By tapping a Runestone on the Magic Circle of Elements, Runestones of that type will be turned into Enchanted Dragon Runestones.
II. Turn all enemies’ into that Attribute for 5 Rounds.
III. The Monster’s Attack x 5 for 1 Round.

  • Switching ── Turn into Dragon Runestones


When switching into “Howl of Rune Dragon – Qing Gui”, it will turn all Runestones into Dragon Runestones! After switching, HP & Attack of “Qing Gui” will be greatly boosted; its leader skill will be changed into “Jade of Supremacy”!

  •  “Jade of Supremacy” ── Attack Up; Runestone Effects Possession; Increase Combo; Turning into Enchanted Dragon Runestones


After Switching, “Qing Gui” has the leader skill “Jade of Supremacy”:

I. Dragon Attack x 6. When the Team consists of only Dragons:
II. Water, Earth and Dark Runestones also possess 50% effect of all Attributive Runestones.
III. For Combos made in the first batch of Runestones dissolved: Combos will be added to the next Round. Runestones of the same number will be turned into Enchanted Dragon Runestones in the next Round.

E.g. If you dissolve 7 combos this round (1st batch), next round will turn into 7 Enchanted Dragon Runestones and + 7 Combos!

  •   EP Skill “Solidity of the Jade” ── Immune from Poison!


EP Skill 1 of “Howl of Rune Dragon – Qing Gui will be the same as that before switching. For EP Skill 2 “Solidity of the Jade”, For 3 Rounds: I. Drop rate of Heart Runestones will be transferred to that of other Runestones. II. The Team will not be poisoned.\nIII. Earth and Dragon Attack x 2.


  •   “Bahamut” Fire On!


  •  Team Skill of “Bahamut”


Bahamut is a good partner of dragon team!

I. For “Noble Fire of the Lost – Bahamut”, HP & Attack x 2 additionally. Active Skill CD -6 after entering a Stage.
II. For other Dragons, Active Skill CD -1 after entering a Stage.

  •  Reverse of Dragon Scales” ── Unlocking; Attack Up; Damage Received from “Burning” will be converted to HP; Regardless of Combo Shield


Fire Dragon “Noble Fire of the Lost – Bahamut” can activate “Reverse of Dragon Scales” upon 6 CD:

I. Release the locked Skills of all Dragons. This Skill will not be locked. For 1 Round: II. Dragon Attack x 2.5. III. Damage received from Boss Skill “Burning” will be converted to HP. IV. By dissolving Dragon Runestones, Damage of Dragons will be dealt regardless of Combo Shield.

  • 7 Days Login; 7 Free Draws


     To celebrate the dawn of “Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui”, you can login every day to get a free draw from 4pm, 7 Oct (Mon) – 13 Oct (Sun) ! If you’re lucky enough, you may get Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui” or “Noble Fire of the Lost – Bahamut”!

  • Diamond Purchase Bonus


As “Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui” is coming, Diamond Purchase Bonus will be available! From 7 Oct (Mon) – 13 Oct (Sun), purchase 30 or more Diamonds with a single transaction, you’ll get extra 30 Diamonds & “Quintet Madheads” x1 (one-time purchase only)!

  • Guild Mission “Destructive Band”


To keep on the music vibe in TOS, “Metal Fanatic – Michelle” will be setting up the Guild Mission “Destructive Band” on 7 Oct (Mon)! The stage is divided into 5 main areas. “Lofty Band”, “Demon Imbeciles”, “Adherents of Heresies”, “Missionaries” & “Imperial Soldiers” will be scattered in different areas.

  • Drop of Raiding Monsters “Lambda the Benevolent Healer” or “Delta the Vow Protector”


In the guild mission, “Lambda the Benevolent Healer” & “Delta the Vow Protector”

 will jump into the stage ! When encountering these characters, the clear score will increase to 200, and they are guaranteed to drop when you meet them.

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Fever” ── Attack Up; 2-match for the 1st Batch; Increase Combo


Earth Machina “Metal Fanatic – Michelle” can activate “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fever” upon 7 CD:

For 1 Round: I. Team Attack & Recovery x 1.3. II. Runestones can be dissolved by aligning 2 or more of them (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted). III. When all Machinas in the Team have 100% Fuel, Combo count +1 for every 2 groups of Runestones dissolved in the first batch.

  • Team Up with Guild Members to Get More Goodies

As long as you accomplish 5 missions in each column, row or diagonal line, you can get some attractive goodies during the event period! Complete 12 missions and reach 200 score to get the golden title “Rockaholic” as a recognition. 


Team up with Guild Members to get abundant goodies!


When personal score reaches 200 in the guild mission, new outfit “Camouflaged Queen Bee – Chessia” will be rewarded!

  • Guild President’s Reward “Admission Tickets”


After the event “Destructive Band” finished, “Admission Ticket” will be given to Guild President based on the Guild Accumulated Event Score. Each “Admission Ticket” is worth 100,000 Coins. The President can give the “Admission Ticket” to Guild Members freely. So, let’s join the guild missions proactively and bring some more home.

  •  Bi-weekly Character “Judgmental Tongue – Ju Men” Debuts!


Judgmental Tongue – Ju Men” from “Northern Dipper” Series will be coming into the bi-weekly stage next monday! Light God “Ju Men” can activate “Destined Encirclement” upon 10 CD:

If the Skill is activated in a Wave of odd numbers, turn all Runestones into Light Runestones.

If the Skill is activated in a Wave of even numbers, turn all Runestones into Heart Runestones.


  •  Skill Demo of “Qing Gui”


Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui” will be included in “Echo of Rune Dragon” on 7 Oct (Mon)! In this demo, “Qing Gui” will be showing its powerful skills before and after switching!