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Tower of Saviors “Amphitryon” Horror Stage! Power Release “Impenetrable Sky Fort – Stirling” Terror Stage!


Into the 2nd week of version 19.0, “Tamer of Mythology – Amphitryon” will be challenging you with Horror Stage “The Vengeful Hero”! In addition, the Power Released “Impenetrable Sky Fort – Stirling” will bring Terror Stage “Fortified Air Force” into the realm! Last but not least, the new Tunestone-trading character “Profound Percussion – Timpani” is coming to Trade Fortress!


  • “Stirling” Power Release



Unleashing its potential, “Automated Fort – Stirling” the sky rover is going to become “Impenetrable Sky Fort – Stirling” with the power of “Fort Key”! The power released “Impenetrable Sky Fort – Stirling” will be bringing Terror Stage “Fortified Air Force” to the realm at 10 p.m. on 8 May (Fri), impressing you with its strength in the stage!


  • Leader Skill “Chains of Traps – EX”


The Leader Skill of Water Machina “Impenetrable Sky Fort – Stirling” is described as the following:

The more the Combos made, the higher the Team Attack, to the max x 10 for 10 Combos; When >10 Combos are made, the Attack multiplier becomes x 2.


  • “Advancing Steps – EX”——Extra Attacks, Attack Booster


After Power Release, the Active Skill of “Stirling” will be upgraded from “Advancing Steps” to “Advancing Steps – EX”! “For 1 Round, if ≤4 Combos are made in the first batch, the Monster launches an extra attack regardless of Defense; If 5-6 Combos are made in the first batch, Team Attack x 2; If ≥7 Combos are made in the first batch, both effects will be triggered and the Monster launches 5 more extra attacks (one Attribute each).


  • Horror Stage——“The Vengeful Hero”


New Horror Stage boss “Tamer of Mythology – Amphitryon” will be making his debut next Tuesday! Scoring system will be applied to this stage, which requires your sophisticated battle skills and strategic thinking to score high in the Horror Stage “The Vengeful Hero”! Challenge the Beginner floor of “Tide-turning Battle” 5 times to obtain “Tamer of Mythology – Amphitryon” (Skill Lv. 5) x1!


  • Horror Stage “The Vengeful Hero”: Endorsement to Your Strength


In the Horror Stage “Tide-turning Battle” , your score and ranking will be determined by the number of Battle Rounds, the length of Battle Time and the amount of Max Damage! Various items will be awarded for reaching specific scores. “Tamer of Mythology – Amphitryon” (Skill Lv. 10) x1!


  • “Electrifying Valor”——Electrify, Enchanted Runestone Conversion of 6 Types, Enchanted God Runestone Conversion


“Tamer of Mythology – Amphitryon” the Light God can activate his Active Skill in 7 CD:

Electrify all enemies for 3 Rounds; Turn the upper 3 Runestones in each column into Enchanted Heart, Enchanted Dark, Enchanted Light, Enchanted Earth, Enchanted Fire and Enchanted Water Runestones respectively; For 1 Round, turn the first 10 Runestones touched while moving into Enchanted God Runestones. With his skill, the Enchanted Quintet Shield is not going to be a problem!


  • Trade Fortress “Tunestone Trade” ── New Character “Profound Percussion – Timpani”


“Profound Percussion – Timpani”, a new character from “Elemental Instruments” series, will be debuting on 4 May (Mon)! Summoners may redeem the character with specific Tunestones in Trade Fortress! “Profound Percussion – Timpani” the Earth God has the same Leader Skill “Melodies of Life” as the other “Elemental Instruments” characters, leading God members to initiate x10 attack in 10 Rounds! In addition, 1 extra Tunestone can be obtained by using “Profound Percussion – Timpani” as Leader or Member to clear specific 10th Seal stages.


  • Active Skill “Liveliness of Gods”


“Profound Percussion – Timpani” can activate his Active Skill “Liveliness of Gods” in 6 CD: 

Recover 50% HP; For 1 Round: II. The Monster, God Leader and God Ally launch 4 extra attacks as much as 50% of own Attack; When 6 or more Combos are made in the first batch, current Skill CD -5.


  • “Life of Brats”——Rocket Explosive – Iggy


The 2nd debuting character “Rocket Explosive – Iggy” will be bringing a new Bi-weekly stage into the realm! Team Skill of the “Life of Brats”:

For every Monster of “Life of Brats” present in the Team, Active Skill CDs of 5* Elves and 5* Demons -1 after entering a Stage, to the max -4. To trigger the said skill, you only need to put at least 1 Monster of “Life of Brats” into the Team.


Fire Demon “Iggy” can activate “BANG!” in CD 5:

For 2 Rounds:

  1. Explode 6 Runestones to generate Fire Runestones.
  2. Ignite all enemies.


  • “Infinite Extremes”── 500 Steps of Life And Death


Starting from next Monday at 4 p.m., 5 step-restricted floors will be added into the stage. Only 500 steps are allowed in each floor! Since these are strength tests, Summoners must complete the challenges one by one! Clear specific challenges to obtain the new outfit for “Li Tieguai”, Silver Madhead, “Every Move Counts” title and etc!


Complete “Pattern of Stars – Water” to obtain “Li Tieguai” outfit!


  •  Skill Demo of “Tamer of Mythology – Amphitryon”


Debuting on 5 May, “Tamer of Mythology – Amphitryon” in this demo teams up with light members to take down with his skill “Electrifying Valor”!


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