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【Choice of Destiny ‧ A War Against Fate】Celebration Event

★ 1st Event: Daily Login Diamonds
Time: 22 Aug (Mon) to 26 Aug (Fri)
1 Diamond will be given daily during this period. Log in every day to get a total of 5 Diamonds!
★ 2nd Event: Challenge Mission “A War Against Fate”
Time: 22 Aug (Mon) 12:00 to 4 Sep (Sun) 23:59
The Norns are coming back!
According to the votes in the 9th anniversary celebration event, the Norns will return with further evolution (i.e. Virtual Rebirth)!
A special stage will be open during the event period for Summoners to challenge the Norns and get valuable rewards.

Available floors and rewards for first floor completion:
“A War Against Fate – Water” – Dim Sum Delicacies x 1 set
“A War Against Fate – Fire” – Neon Crow x 1
“A War Against Fate – Earth” – Fluorescent Python x 1
“A War Against Fate – Light” – Random 5* “The Norns” Character [Dual Max] x 1
“A War Against Fate – Dark” – Harpy x 5

【Special Bonus】
Summoners will be given with Harpy x2 for each character of “The Norns” series they evolve into the Virtual Rebirth form for the first time between 22 Aug 12:00 to 16 Oct 23:59. Summoners can get Harpy x10 by evolving all 5 characters of “The Norns” series during the mentioned period.

* “The Norns” characters will be available for Virtual Rebirth on 22 Aug at 12:00.
* There will be an Attribute restriction in each floor. Only Members of the specified Attribute will be allowed in the corresponding floor.
★ 3rd Event: Returning Ultimate Stage “An Affectionate Hug” & “Crying under the Olive Tree”

Ultimate Stage “An Affectionate Hug”
Time: 23 Aug (Tue) 22:00 to 26 Aug (Fri) 23:59
The kind old lady with incredible strength has come to you with a big hug!

* Challenge the 3-star achievement to get the rare Dragonic Compulsion Reward.
Complete the stage 3 times to get “Youthful Arms – Madam Heidi” (Skill Lv. 7) x1.

Ultimate Stage “Crying under the Olive Tree”
Time: 26 Aug (Fri) 22:00 to 29 Aug (Mon) 23:59
A festive moment for you to date holding hands.

* Challenge the 3-star achievement to get the rare Dragonic Compulsion Reward.
Complete the stage 3 times to get “Tear Beneath the Tree – Minerva” (Skill Lv. 7) x1.
★ 4th Event: Source of Victory
Time: 27 Aug (Sat) to 28 Aug (Sun)
Log in within the event period to receive Stamina Refill x1! (The Stamina Refill must be used within the event period)

*Log in on 27 Aug (Sat) or 28 Aug (Sun) to receive Stamina Refill x 1 in “Rewards”.
*The Stamina Refill must be used within 27 Aug (Sat) – 28 Aug (Sun).
★ 5th Event: New Horror Stage “Electric sparks of Obliteration”
Time: 22 Aug (Mon) to 28 Aug (Sun)
Watch out for the vengeful old she-pirate! Don’t upset her or you’ll get beaten!
This stage has a grading system. Summoners can get valuable rewards by achieving certain scores!

Floors include:
“Electric sparks of Obliteration – Beginner”
Default Team required
└ Get “Spiteful Titanium – Kay” (Skill Lv. 1) x1 by completing the beginner floor 1 time.
└ Get “Spiteful Titanium – Kay” (Skill Lv. 7) x1 by completing the beginner floor 3 times.

“Electric sparks of Obliteration – Horror”
Free Team allowed
└ Get Lassie Macha x5 by completing the Horror floor 3 times.
└ Get Earth Machina-exclusive Dragonware “Galvanic Wrench Pattern” x1 by completing the Horror floor 5 times.

Designated scores and rewards:
70,000 scores: Terra Essence Soulstone x 1
65,000 scores: “Spiteful Titanium – Kay” (Skill Lv. 10)
60,000 scores: Baby Harpy Knight – Madhead x 1
55,000 scores: Component “Silver Pattern” x 1
50,000 scores: Golden Mothdrake x 1
45,000 scores: Jumbo Golden Prawn x 1
40,000 scores: Heavy Gear Knight x 1
35,000 scores: Mini Madhead x 1
30,000 scores: Component “Silver Pattern” x 1
25,000 scores: Arcane Luster x 1
20,000 scores: Piggy x 1
15,000 scores: Doctor Alpaca x 1

* Summoners can obtain the rewards only after completing the stage and meeting the requirements.
★ 6th Event: Diamond Seal Event “A Novel Surprise”
Time: 25 Aug (Thu) 00:00 to 27 Aug (Sat) 23:59
During the event period, the chance of getting rare characters in the “Era of Novelty” Seal will be greatly boosted!
★ 7th Event: Side Story Stage “Their Daily Episodes II”
Time: From 22 Aug (Mon) 00:00
Summoners can know the characters better through their Side Story stages!

Stages Available:
※ “Someone Who Never Leaves”
※ “Utu the Big Eater”
★ ★ ★ TOS Fest Rave Party 2022 Part 2 ★ ★ ★
The annual TOS Fest is here! Get ready for all the goodies and events!
The second part of the celebration starts from 15 Aug to 28 Aug.
★ 8th Hit: “Comeback Summoner Mission Rewards”
Time: 24 Aug (Wed) 12:00 to 16 Oct (Mon) 23:59
A new Comeback Summoner Mission event is here!
Eligible Comeback Summoners can get a large number of Diamonds and special rewards, such as a free draw from the rare Black-gold card pool, Summon Coupons of specific Races and Materials! Comeback Summoners may get up to 250 Diamonds!

On the other hand, other Summoners can also get a fruitful number of Diamonds and other valuable rewards, such as a specific Black-gold character and rare Materials, by asking the Comeback Summoners to enter their referral codes and complete the missions! So invite your friends back to the game and get all the rewards!

For details, please go to: to be announced later
★★ On-going Events ★★
★ 1st Hit: “Consecutive Login Rewards”
Time: 15 Aug (Mon) to 28 Aug (Sun)
Be persistent and get all the rewards!

Daily Login Rewards:
8/22 – Stamina Potion x 1
8/23 – Dancer Alpaca x 3
8/24 – Jumbo Golden Prawn x 1
8/25 – Soul x 300
8/26 – Shadow Essence Soulstone x 1
8/27 – Friend Point x 20,000
8/28 – Harpy x 1

* Summoners must log in on the said dates in order to obtain the corresponding rewards.
★ 2nd Hit: “Accumulative Login Rewards”
Time: 15 Aug (Mon) to 28 Aug (Sun)
Summoners can get considerable rewards by reaching a certain amount of accumulated sign-in days during the event period.

Accumulative Login Rewards:
3 days: Fluorescent Python x 1 + Harpy x 1
5 days: Rainbow Summon Coupon x 1 + Neon Crow x 1
7 days: Special Black-gold Seal Draw x1 (Lv. 1; Skill Lv. 1)
10 days: Soul x 900 + Golden Madhead x 1

Summoners may get the following characters through the above Special Black-gold Seal Draw:
“Divinity of War – Chiyou”
“Hegemon of the Empire – Xiang Yu”
“Autocratic Pretensions – Ying Zheng”
“Elegance of Flawless Purity – Xi”
“Rhythm of Blazing Flames – Yan”
“Chalice of Eternity – Aria”
“Philosopher’s Legend – Jabir”
“Jade of Prestige – Qing Gui”
“The Box of Hope – Pandora”
“Demon of Omniscience – Laplace”
“Fealty of the Amazon – Mesopotamia”
“Shackles of Souls – Anubis”
“Dawn of Civilization – Maya”
“Tide of Wisdom – Atlantis”
“Ruler of Scorching Flames – Pompeii”
★ 3rd Hit: “Free Draws Every Week”
Time: 15 Aug (Mon) to 28 Aug (Sun)
A set of 21 Summon Coupons will be given to Summoners every week upon successful login during the event period!

Summon Coupons to be given each week include:
※ Silver Summon Coupon x 10
※ Rainbow Summon Coupon x 1
※ TOS Fest Coupon x 10

Card pool of TOS Fest Coupons include:
“Dim Sum Delicacies”, “Delicate Desserts”, “Plump Precious Beasts”, “Soulstones”
Baby Harpy, Harpy, Silver Madhead, Bronze Madhead. Mini Madhead, Baby Harpy Knight – Madhead
Spiritual Eye, Heavy Gear Knight, The Stone Inscripter, Golden Prawn, Jumbo Golden Prawn
★ 4th Hit: New Challenge Mission – “Summer in Summertime”
Time: 15 Aug (Mon) after maintenance to 28 Aug (Sun)
Please welcome another new Tower Resident and meet “Breezy Sunshine – Summer”!

There will be 2 floors in the event:
“Summer in Summertime Part I”
※ Summoners can get “Breezy Sunshine – Summer” (Skill Lv. 1) x1 upon each stage clearance.
※ Each stage entrance requires 40pt stamina.

“Summer in Summertime Part II”
※ Each stage entrance requires 30pt stamina.
※ Summoners can get 9000 EXP and resources such as Prime Millennium Soulstones, random Evolution Materials and Mystic Slime, etc.
※ No Boss Character will be dropped in this floor.
★ 5th Hit: Diamond Seal Event “Grandeur of the Royals”
Time: 15 Aug (Mon) after maintenance to 28 Aug (Sun)
Two other Black-gold characters are coming back to the realms! A new Drawing Machine is open with a card pool including 2 Black-gold characters and a new setting of changeable guaranteed cards!

Choices of guaranteed cards:
“Absolute Authoritarian – Baal”
“Glorious Amazon – Mesopotamia”

Event Settings:
1. Summoners may change their choices of guaranteed cards at any time without any reset in the accumulated draw counts.
2. The chosen character (Lv. 1; Skill Lv. 1) x1 will be guaranteed for every 40 draws!
3. Summoners can get the animated outfits of “Absolute Authoritarian – Baal” and “Glorious Amazon – Mesopotamia” upon getting the corresponding characters for the first time during the event period.
4. “Ancient Coin Seal” & “Ancient Coin Trading” will be available as well.
There will be skill adjustments to the 2 mentioned characters alongside their return.
★ 6th Hit: TOS Fest Expansion Gift Pack I & II
Time: 15 Aug (Mon) after maintenance to 28 Aug (Sun)
Get the Expansion Gift Packs at discounted prices!

“TOS Fest Expansion Gift Pack I”
Price: HKD $38 / TWD(Google) $150 / TWD(iOS) $170 / USD $4.99
– Each Summoner can purchase once only.
– Inventory Slot x 25
– Gear Box x 25
– Stamina Potion x 2

“TOS Fest Expansion Gift Pack II”
Price: HKD $88 / TWD(Google) $360 / TWD(iOS) $390 / USD $11.99
– Each Summoner can purchase once only.
– Inventory Slot x 60
– Gear Box x 60
– Stamina Potion x 6

* This offer is applicable to all versions, including iOS and Android (Google Play and APK) Version.
★ 7th Hit: All Character EXP-UP
Time: 15 Aug (Mon) to 28 Aug (Sun)
During the event period, the result of Level-up for all characters will be “Brilliant” or “Perfect”!