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EN Migration


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Click here for the EN migration website

  • About the data transfer website

To facilitate the migration process, a website will be launched to transfer your game data from the TOS EN server to the TOS bilingual version. The website for data transfer will be released in ***late July*** to get you ready into the TOS bilingual version conveniently. The transfer process takes only a day at most to complete.


*To let players retain the original Guild and keep the Guild Members intact, the migration period for Guild Presidents will be starting two days earlier than other players.

*If Guild Members migrate before the Guild Presidents, they cannot be added into the original Guild automatically.

  • Steps of data transfer


Step 1:

Verify your TOS EN account by entering your UID and Verification Code.


Step 2:

Click  Web_BG_p2. When you receive your code in the in-game landing page, enter the code at the provided space.


For security reason, please enter the One-Time Code in the website before the time expires.

Step 3:

Download TOS bilingual version and create a new transitional account.

Your transitional account must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Created on or after 22 Jul 2019
  • Summoner level is 4 or below
  • Hasn’t made any purchase
  • Hasn’t joined any Guild
  • Bound with a Facebook account

* You can still use the EN-bound Facebook account to bind the new account in the bilingual version, provided that it has not been bound with ZH account. If does, you need to open a new Fb account to bind it.

* No matter if you’ve bound TOS EN account with Twitter, you must bind your TOS bilingual account with Facebook during migration.

* This UID will NOT be your new UID after the data transfer

Step 4:

Enter transitional account’s UID and Verification Code for verification.


Your transferring data will be shown on the website before proceeding to the data transfer. The system will distribute the UID closest to your original one if your original UID had been taken in the TOS bilingual version.

A summary of transferable & intransferable game data will be listed out on the page. For details, please read the info about game data after migration.

The content of Welcome Reward will also be shown on the page. For reward details, please refer to here.

By clicking the “Confirm” button:

  • Data transfer procedure will begin immediately
  • You CANNOT log into your TOS EN account anymore
  • Your transitional account will NOT be available until the completion of the transfer
  • Your transitional account will become the genuine account in the TOS bilingual version upon the completion of data transfer.

Step 5:

Enter a queuing page, which you will know the current serving ticket number, your ticket number and the estimated waiting time. The transfer process takes only a day at most to complete.

* Closing the browser will not cancel your queuing process.

* You can log in the website to check the process anytime before completion.

Step 6:

Once the data transfer has completed, you can check your basic in-game information, received rewards.

You can claim your Welcome Rewards in “Community” –> “Rewards” in the TOS bilingual version.

For friend list, the system will mark those players who have migrated to the TOS bilingual version, allowing you to add them back manually.

Step 7:


Your transitional account has become the genuine account in the TOS bilingual version. You can enjoy the game immediately!

For the details of EN migration, please read the Q&A section.