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EN Migration

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Click here to the migration website


  • Step 1: Open a transitional account in TOS bilingual version

The transitional account MUST meet the following requirements:
– Created on or after 22 Jul 2019
– Summoner level is 4 or below
Hasn’t made any purchase
Hasn’t joined any Guild
Bound with a Facebook account (You can still use the EN-bound Facebook account to bind the new account in the bilingual version)


  • Step 2: Email our CS personnel

****Please provide the following information in the email****

1. UID of TOS EN version (required)
2. Create transitional account of TOS bilingual version and provide the UID (required)
3. Purchase records of your account (You must provide if you made any purchase before)
4. The Level & the name of Summoner
5. Last login date
6. 5-6 star character information (at least 5 characters, please indicate character level, skill level, amelioration level)


The migration process normally takes 1 week to process AFTER our EN server data resumes service.

For the details of EN migration, please read the Q&A section.