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League Match

Basic Instructions:

– Enter “Community” –> “Multiplayer Mode”, choose “League Match” to start your journey.

Screenshot_2014-10-29-11-05-41 Screenshot_2014-10-29-11-08-45

– Summoners from Level 50 and above may participate in “League Match”. The game system will assign Summoners to the corresponding opponent based on Summoners’ League Score and Level.
– 2 Spirits will be consumed on each match, Spirits will fully recover on a daily basis.
– Summoners can check their past records for the past 10 matches within 24 hours in “Match Record of the Day”.
– Summoners can keep track on their game records in “Personal Record”, including participation in matches, level in “League Match” etc.
– A temporarily ranking will be displayed after each match, while our server collects the final data for the actual rank. Therefore the ranking and scores after the match may vary.

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Scoring Method:

By winning the League Match Summoners will receive league score and prize points. Winning consecutive battles, Summoners will be rewarded with extra league score and prize points.

Champion: 20 League Score, 20 Prize Points
First runner-up: 10 League Score, 10 Prize Points
Second runner-up: 0 League Score, 5 Prize Points
Third runner-up: -30 League Score, 5 Prize Points

Winning consecutive battles will be rewarded with winning streak rounds x 10% League Score and Prize Points. 50% will be the maximum, minus 30 points will be deducted if the battle is not completed within an hour. League Score and Prize Points will automatically reset at the end of each quarter.

League Ranking:

– The system will divide Summoners into 6 categories according to League Score. Newbie, Junior, Senior, Expert, Hero and Legend respectively. League Ranking will be updated on a daily basis.
– Conditions required for each rank are as follows:

league match.JPG

Summoners can use Prize Points to redeem gifts, Prize Points will reset quarterly. Prizes will also be updated once every quarter.