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1. General Regulations

Pursuant to the requirements of the Game Software Rating Management Regulations of Taiwan, please note that:

– this software is rated as Parental Guidance 12 (PG 12) in accordance with the Game Software Rating Management Regulations.

– this game contains characters wearing provocative clothing highlighting sexual characteristics.  Portions of game contents or services may require additional payment, please avoid over-indulgence in playing.

- The TOS Team regards fairness of the game as our top priority. Any behaviours affecting fairness such as modifying game time, faking data and using unauthorized applications, including any third-party applications, secondary account application, autoplay, virus, making use of bug loopholes, altering game packets, proxy server and cheats modifying gaming programmes etc., are unauthorized.

“First Attempt” – Warning

For first attempt of rule violations, Summoner will receive a warning message from the system. If the Summoner has not stopped all such violation behaviours within 24 hours upon receipt of the warning, Summoner is ONLY allowed to enter the main stages, story mode stages, stages in guild-exclusive “Black Hole”, Amelioration and Power Release stages during the next 3 days.

“Second Attempt” – Listed as “Violation Accounts”

If a Summoner with a record of “First Attempt” has committed any unauthorized activities affecting fairness of the game again, the related account will be listed as “Violation Account” and the following penalty will be imposed:

Penalties to “Violation Accounts”:

– The accounts will be blocked in the first 7 days. Summoners will not be able to enter any stages and not be unblocked during the period;

– User names of the accounts will be forcibly renamed to “Violation Account” in yellow,and are not editable;

– No rewards will be given to “Violation Accounts”;

– During a Guild Event, Guild Points earned by “Violation Accounts” will be cancelled;

– All Leader Board records will be cancelled;

– Personal records and rewards of Joint Operation will be cancelled;

– Permanent ban from entering any stages in Arena (effective from 8 Jun 2020)

 Permanent Blockage

If Summoners are repeatedly founded to be engaged in unauthorized activities, related accounts will be blocked permanently. User names of the accounts will be changed into “Permanent Blockage” in Red.
No compensation will be given for accounts permanently blocked due to involvement in unauthorized activities, including paid content (Diamonds).

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* Update on the term of “Second Attempt”
Last update time: 2 Jun 2020, 17:53 (GMT +8)