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Payment Support

In the game, choose “Store” >> “Diamond Store”, and login with your App Store / Google Play account to buy diamonds.
If the purchase is successful, the following message will pop up when you enter the game: You have bought x Diamonds.You now have x Diamonds.
* Please refer to How to purchase Diamonds for more details.

Since we support only payment through App Store and Google Play, only credit card is accepted for payment.
* Please refer to How to purchase Diamonds for more details.

For App Store users, iTunes Gift Card is available for payment.
For more details of iTunes Gift Card, please click “iTunes Support” for assistance.
* Please refer to iTunes Support and How to purchase Diamonds for more details.

Don’t worry! Network disconnection or leaving the game during transaction may cause the failure of adding Diamonds to the account. It is still possible that the transaction is completed.
To prevent duplicate purchases, please click on “View Records” to check your receipt on iTunes or click “iTunes Support“ for assistance.
If there was an internet disconnection or quitting of game during the transaction, the distribution of Diamonds may be affected. Summoners can follow the steps below to retrieve the transaction:
1. Quit the game and login again
2. Press “Store” and choose “Diamond Store”
3. Press the “Retrieve Transaction” button on the top right
4. When the transaction is retrieved, the total number of transactions will be displayed and the Diamonds purchased will be received.
If you still cannot retrieve your transaction, please email us along with your receipt from App Store / Google Play.
App Store Receipt Sample:
App Store Receipt Sample

Google Play Receipt Sample:

Google Play Receipt Sample

Contact us

Due to the large number of E-mails, our customer service will try their best to reply your E-mail within 3-5 working days. Please give us your UID in the E-mail to facilitate the process.

Customer Service’s email address: