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General Support

Diamond can be used to restore Stamina, Spirit, draw Diamond Seal Cards, expanding inventory slots, friend list and revive.

In the game, choose “Store” >> “Diamond Store”, and login with your App Store / Google Play account to purchase Diamonds.

* Please refer to Purchase Diamonds for more details.

“Diamond” is not allowed to be transferred.

Please press Settings (cogwheels) on the top right hand corner in the main interface and choose “Account Binding” to bind your account with any of the social networks to save your game progress.

* You should select the social network account which has never been bound to. Please refer to bind account for more details.

Rebind instruction for Twitter/Weibo players:

Tap the gear icon at the top-right corner -> Tap “Account Binding” -> Tap “Bind with Facebook Account”

For Facebook players, please refer to 【Apply for rebinding another social network account

There is currently no logout function. You may re-install the game to start the game again with a new account.
Attention: If you used “Fast Login” before and wishes to delete the game, all data will be lost.

If you cannot find “Account Binding”, your account may have been bound already.

Please tap on the header square above the world map (the main interface) to check if there is any logo of the social network (Facebook/Twitter/Weibo) besides your ID. If you can see any of the logos besides your ID, your account has been bound.

There is an account chasing function which enables Summoners to get their lost account without binding on the same device. (Attention: it only applies to those account that has been opened for more than 10 days). Using the same device to download the game again, the game of new version will automatically recover the lost account.
We strongly advise Summoners to bind game account with social network accounts in advance.

In order to ensure the fairness of the game, any behaviours affecting fairness such as faking data and using unauthorized applications, including any third-party applications, secondary account application, autoplay, proxy server and cheats modifying gaming programmes, are unauthorized.

Violators will receive a “Warning” when your account is proved to be involved in unauthorized activities or affecting the fairness of the game constantly. By using fake data and unauthorized applications and has harmed the rights and interests of other Summoners. The system has therefore blocked your account permanently. Due to the violation of game rules, TOS are not responsible for any compensations, including all in-game purchase (Diamonds).

It is recommended to keep the connection stable / re-login to the game or restart your mobile device, you can also try to update your game to the latest version. Player can also login to the game, go to “Settings” and choose “OFF” under “Visual Effects”.

If you log in the same account using another device (including mobiles or tablets etc) during gameplay, the warning will pop up to remind you of it. If the account is logged in successfully by another device during Battle, any Reward gained from the Battle will be lost.

Different servers are used for different languages, therefore your account cannot be moved from one to another server.

Under normal circumstances, even when you quit the game while drawing a Seal Card, it will be stored in your Inventory. You may double check your Inventory for it. (Go to “Inventory” and choose “Recent” for sorting, the newest Seal Card will appear on the top and have “NEW” displayed on its icon)

If you cannot find the newly drawn Seal Card, please contact us via email with your UID and the date and time of drawing the card.

According to the gameplay, you will get 1 Diamond for passing a Stage for the first time. (If there are different levels for the Battle, only by completing all the levels will you earn 1 Diamond) “First time” doesn’t stand for one time a day.

When the words “Clear” are shown for all the Floors in a Stage, it means you have already passed that Stage successfully and gotten the Diamond.

Summoners can try to re-login to the game within the event period to receive the rewards. (Kill app)

There are 4 possibilities on failure to displayed on the ranking list:

1. If Summoner quit the game in the middle of an ongoing stage, and had to re-login to the game again. (Kill app)

2. Account listed as “Violation Accounts”

3. Account found using unauthorized applications affecting fairness of the game.

4. Found using applications such as third-party applications or autoplay.

As “Tower of Saviors” was designed for tablets and mobile devices, third-party applications or emulator are not recommended. In order for Summoners to enjoy our game better, we highly recommend Summoners to use tablets or mobile devices to play the game.

1. Ranking list
2. Cannot accumulate Guild points
3. League Match

The seal cards that have been used for Decompose or Evolve material are not recoverable. Summoners are recommended to add your valuable seal cards to favorites, to avoid accidentally Decomposed or use it as Evolve material.