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TOS Club Regulations



Summoner who purchases the designated official products of Tower of Saviors will become a permanent member of TOS Club.

Summoner who becomes a member of TOS Club for the first time will be rewarded with a Harpy. With the membership of TOS Club, Summoner has the privilege to obtain Black Keys, Prize Points, designated Level-up Materials and other in-game items monthly. During festivals, special stages will be open exclusively for TOS Club members to get fabulous in-game rewards!

Procedures for Membership Verification Upon Purchase of Designated Official Products

Upon purchase of the designated official products, Summoner will proceed to verification procedures for TOS Club membership.

The official approval process takes 5 to 10 working days.

Upon approval, an official in-game message will be sent to the UID of Summoner to confirm the membership is effective.

Points to Note

The regulations of TOS Club have been changed with effect from 28 Feb 2019. TOS Club membership will no longer have an expiry date and a ranking between “Gold Member” and “Basic Member”. 3 “TOS Club Stars” will be sent to each eligible TOS Club member. For those who joined the Club on or after 1 Sep 2018, extra 12 “TOS Club Stars” will be given to replace the “Mid-Autumn Festival Gift” and “Christmas Gift” already sent in 2018 . For the entitlement to the number of the “TOS Club Star”, please check in the in-game inbox.

From 28 Feb 2019, the original “limited gift” for TOS Club members will be replaced with “TOS Club Star” for redemption. We shall not be held liable to failure in membership verification or contact due to the incorrect information entered. We reserves the right to make final decision for any disputes in membership eligibility and gift delivery.

Summoner can redeem physical gift with “TOS Club Star”. For redemption details, please stay tuned for incoming official announcements.

(Last Update: 13 Mar 2019)