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《Tower of Saviors》X《Monster Strike》Reward Redemption Steps

– How to obtain the redeem code from “Tower of Saviors” for redeeming “Grand Sage Molly” in “Monster Strike”

1. Enter the special stage “Carnival of the Strikers” in “Tower of Saviors”.
One off EN 1_resized
2. A notification message will be sent to your inbox after completing the stage. ( “Inbox” can be found in “Community”)
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3. You can obtain the redeem code for redeeming “Grand Sage Molly” in “Monster Strike” by opening the message in your inbox. Simply enter “Monster Strike” to redeem with your code.

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– How to obtain the character “Stormbringer Susano’o” from Monster Strike in Tower of Saviors.

1. Please enter your TOS UID, your current number of coins and redeem code in the redeeming site.
Redeeming website:

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2. Enter your redeem code obtained from “Monster Strike”.
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3. “Stormbringer Susano’o” can be found in your inventory, please re-enter the game after submission.
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