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Activate Skills

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  Active Skill: Every Monster has an Active Skill, which can only be activated after a certain number of Rounds. Only when Runestones have been moved and dissolved will be counted as a Round. Summoners need to ensure 3 or more Runestones are dissolved after moving them.

D005-1 D005-2
Active Skills enhance the ability of the Team to deal with difficult situations in a Battle.

  Leader Skill: The level of Active Skill will affect the number of Rounds in Battles. To initiate Active Skill more frequently, Summoners need to get Level-up on Monsters’ Skills. Besides participating in more Battles, merging Monsters of the same Attribute (during Monster Level-up) can gain more EXP and make Skill Level-up more effective.

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Choosing a suitable Leader is important for forming a competitive Team.