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Apply for rebinding another social network account

Please fill in part A, B and C, and email the information to

Part A (Required): Prepare a new account for rebinding

UID of old TOS account: (The UID that needs to rebind)

UID of new TOS account:

(Please register a new account on the device that was used to register the old account. Then complete the newbie tutorial and Account Binding in the new account.)

Part B (Required)

Please refer to the example provided in Payment Support and provide the screen captures of transaction records of the previous month with transaction IDs

Transaction record enquiry:

Google Play

App Store

Part C (required): Game data verification

Summoner name & level:

Last login date:

Information of registered device:

(Brand & model)

Team info: (At least 2 teams; Please list out the leaders and team members)

Monster(s) collected from Sign In Reward: (Monster series name only)

Items bought in Trade Fortress:

Mercenaries recently recruited:

Main Chapter progress:

Extra floor(s) completed in Story Mode (Flying dragon at the top-right corner of main page):

Important notice:

  1. To ensure the account security, the verification process will be affected if there is any wrong answers. Please fill in the information carefully before submission.  
  2. There will be further communication after the verification. The whole process requires 14 working days. Please be patient.
  3. There is no guarantee for any other rebinding service. Please keep your social media account, gaming device and game account safe in the future.
  4. If you apply for another rebinding within 14 days, please use the same email and specify the reason of the new application.