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Create Guild

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Create Guild

Step 1: Enter “Tower of Saviors”, click on “Community” located at the bottom right corner of the main interface, then click “Guild”;


Or click on the castle located at the lower part of World map


Step 2: When certain requirements are met, Guild can be created by clicking “Create Guild” in “Guild”, then choose “Create”.

Guild Creation Requirements:
 Guild creator must be Level 100 or above;
 Creation cost will be 1,000,000 coins and Diamonds x 20


Step 3: Setting “Guild Name”. Guild name cannot be changed once the Guild is founded.
Think twice before pressing the “Confirm” button or “Cancel” if the name is incorrect.


Step 4: Follow the steps to create your “Emblem”: Background, Pattern, Icon and Color.



Step 5: You can “Preview” your Emblem before submitting. You can click “Cancel” to recreate your Emblem if you make a mistake.

After completing the above steps, click “Confirm” to submit.
You will see a confirmation message, you can now use the features in the Guild system.