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Guild Mission

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Personal Guild Mission

Step 1:Enter the Guild Hall, Click on “Missions” under the Bulletin Board to check the Missions that are distributed by the Guild.


Step 2: Follow the instructions to complete the Missions accordingly.


Step 3: Once a Mission is completed, a Notification will appear to inform any given rewards.

Step 4: Once all Daily Missions are completed, extra random Rewards will be provided.


The 6th Mission

Once completing the 5 Daily Missions, Summoner has a chance to undertake the extra 6th Mission, and extra Rewards will be provided upon completion.


Black Hole Stages

Inside the Black Hole, Summoners can use Black Keys to Challenge different Material Stages. Step 1: Enter the Guild Hall and click on “Black Hole” under the Bulletin Board.


Step 2: Select the Stage to be Challenged and enter the Battle as usual.