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Join a Guild

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Step 1: Enter “Tower of Saviors”, click on “Community” located at the bottom right corner of the main interface, then click “Guild”;


Or click on the castle located at the lower part of World map


Step 2: Click “Search”, you can enter the Guild number to join your preferred Guild. Guild number can be found by clicking the Guild Emblem on the Guild interface.


Step 3: A window will pop up with the information about your preferred Guild, click “Confirm” to apply.


Step 1: Click “Recommended”, find and choose a Guild you would like to join.


Step 2: Click “Confirm” when you found the Guild that you would like to join.

Quit Guild

Step 1: Enter the Guild Hall, choose “Quit Guild” by clicking on the Emblem located at the top of the Guild interface.


Step 2: Click “Quit” to proceed, or “Cancel” to go back to the Guild interface.

* Note: After quitting the Guild, you are unable to join or create a Guild within 1 day.

Step 3: You will receive a message “You’ve quitted the Guild” as confirmation.