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Known Issues

Known Issues & Fixed Issues for TOS version 19.42 (updated on 2020-10-23)

Android & iOS :
– The button on the lower right corner in Tower of Seminars disappeared (reopen the game to solve)
– After Power Release, the bgm disappeared
– Some players cannot enter Craft Forge from the main map
– After activating the combined skill, the scene in the transmigration stage occurs an error
– The jackpot and rare effects of “Judgement Table” disappeared
– Card UI display error in IPhone SE2
– The opening dialogues of AME stories disappeared in Story Timeline

【Monster Skills】
– Some of the allies are equipped with the unqualified Dragon Crafts
– The active skill of Roy Mustang “exploding Runestones thrice” cannot be triggered after defeating an enemy
– When using “Cang Bi” Active Skill to reset “Taowu” Active Skill, it can be activated twice
– The heart-shape healing path of the enemy skill occurs an error
– When you put a specific character in the 5th position and the team is not full, some team skills lose the effect (EG: Saint)
– Saint’s Leader Skill “Recovery x 1.2” is not working in certain situations
– Enemy Skill “Sleepy Runestones” remain
– The display chain number of golden chain did not reduce
– After the golden chain is removed, the status of Hypnos disregards the effect of activating skill
– Unlimited Runestone movement remains when the active skill of “Lone Puppeteer – Tsukuyomi” offsets the effect in play
– Wendigo’s Active Skill drops Water Elf Runestones wrongly. The correct one should be Water Demon Runestones.
– For characters with unlocking skills, their skills can still be activated after hypnotizing
– Fail to attack locked enemies in certain situations
– After activating the active skill 2 of “Yoko Kurama”, other skills can be activated during the dropping of Runestones
– In the 36th floor of the transmigration, Heart Runestones have been changed to Light Runestones wrongly in 2nd HP of “Saint”.
– Switching/Combination may lead to game crash in the boss wave of Joint Operation in certain situations.
– Runestones can be moved after activating “Life Decoding – Manungal”
– When the Team has “Demon of Omniscience – Laplace”, abnormal time display will be shown on Battle Results (the time will be longer than usual, but not affect the actual time scores in Arena”. This issue will be fixed upon version 19.4
– The leader skill of “Radiant Sunshine – Amaterasu” has a wrong multiplier that only Fire Gods will have the effect.
– One more extra attack will be dealt when using “Saint” as Ally
– After using “Anshar” active skill, the skull icon of enemies did not disappear
– Abnormal damage will occur after activating the unlimited runestone movement effect of “Machi”.

v19.4 Known Issues
Android & iOS :
– There should be a fade-out effect when the app is playing the next song
– Achievement of other races and attributes can be mistakenly done with Enoch in the team
– Display error in Craft Forge
– The full attack effect of “Dipankara” disappeared
– Display Error in Guild Showroom
– When the Joint Operation is not opened, the spirit display on the main map disappeared
– Error in the stage of preset team after reopening
– Game crash when entering the Contact List of Inbox
– The remaining time of Tower of Seminars has a time display error

【Monster Skills】
– The character’s attack of “Rampage of Doomfire – Pompeii” on the far left is displayed as 0
– In certain situations, there will be same defensive skills in Arena
– In certain situations, the attack effect will remain in play after activating “Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Fourth Form: Sunflower” of King
– WIthout 3 Beasts in the Team, “Fortune Attractors – Canis Major & Minor” cannot activate its skill
– In “Diamond” team, abnormal multipliers may occur when activating the active skill of “Commandment of Repose – Gloxinia”.
– iOS only: game crash when using active skill 1 of “Rei Ayanami & EVA Proto Type-00”
– For Laplace’s team skill, a wrong setting occured that players are required to dissolve 3 types of Runestones in order to trigger the effect. The correct setting should be 3 types or below.
– AME Skills of some series are not working
– After using EVA team, it will lead to game crash when using other teams to perform switching/combination
– Some skills that deplete enemy’s HP to 1 have lost the effect (Eg. Kagamine Len, Odin)
– After activating Ishtar’s active skill, black and white runestones cannot be restored across the Rounds
– Skills with conditional effects are not working (Eg. Ubume, Snow Miku)

Android :
– The Stamina display has an error in the APK version