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Known Issues


Tower of Saviors Android 16.34 Version Known Issue:

– In tutorials, the instruction icon occurs a display error
– There is a display error in some Drawing Machines
– The evolve page of “Novice Sage – Roger” occurs a display error in specific circumstances
– For some extra stages, the word “Victory” & in-game dialogues will be shown at the same time
– When editing Craft, clicking “Show Skill Icon” in the filter will occur a display error
– After clicking “ARENA BONUS” and locking it, it will still remain locked after you leave the Arena
– “Switching” while the skill audio effect is playing will dramatically decrease the volume of background music
– When clicking “Evolve Ready” in the filter, there will be a display error when you switch between the outfits of those characters who haven’t gathered all the evolve materials yet

– The Stamina display has an error in the APK version
– There is a music play error in Huawei mate 20 / Huawei mate 20 pro
– For Android version 4.4.4. or below, some mobile phones may have a display error in checking the announcement
– For Android version 4.4.4. or below, some mobile phones will have a white frame

【Monster Skills】

– After the enemy revives, heart runestones on screen will be removed again upon Switching
– The character’s attack of “Rampage of Doomfire – Pompeii” on the far left is displayed as 0
“- When defeating the following enemy with the active skill of Megumin, other members will also enter a fatigue state:

“”The enemy will clear the power gathered in the Craft Apparatus at the beginning of the first Round.\nThe enemy is invisible until its first attack. Before it reveals itself, it receives no Damage (except for Active Skills), regardless of all Controlling Skills. The enemy’s Attack greatly increases while being invisible, regardless of all Damage-reducing and Willpower Skills.\nWhen the enemy’s HP ≤ 70%, Team Attack becomes 0 next Round; the enemy’s Attack x 3 starting from next Round.”””
– When some locked runestones are turned into racial runestones, you may find them not dissolvable
– There maybe a chance of occuring errors in the effect of attack, recovery & damage reduction of the leader skill of “Ascetic Mind – Vishnu”
– In the stage “An End to Despair”, if you’re defeated due to burning and revive afterwards, it will lead to game crash during enemy’s CD 1
– Converting Race Runestones repeatedly will remove the display of Frozen Runestones, but its effect still remains
“- The following enemy’s skill will not remove the active skill effect of “”Lucy””:

“”The enemy attacks once at the beginning of the first Round”””
– If the Ice Rose is placed to another Ice Rose during spinning, the team will not attack in the round
“- After “”Combining”” or “”Switching”” or reviving, the effect of “”The more the enemy attacks, the more the next Damage will be”” of the enemy’s skill below is not working.

“”The enemy will clear the power gathered in the Craft Apparatus at the beginning of the first Round. The enemy poisons all Monsters, causing a Damage of 20% of Summoner’s HP every Round until its defeat. The more the enemy attacks, the more the next Damage will be, to the max 80% of Summoner’s HP. The enemy will deplete 20% of its HP each round while receiving no Damage until defeated, regardless of all Controlling Skills.”” ”
– The Craft skill “Damage will be dealt to enemies regardless of “Quintet Elemental Shield” for 1 Round” is not working in some circumstances
– For leader skill of “Salamander of Fire – Natsu”, “Damage of Members’ Attribute dealt on Dragon enemies x 2.5” is applicable to non-Attributive Damage of some characters
– The leader skill of “Glittering Explosion – Megumin” is not applicable to non-Attributive Damage


Tower of Saviors Android 16.34 Version Fixed Issue:


– Enemy Skill “Laser Trap” may lead to game crash
– Enemy Skills related to “Weakened Runestones” may lead to game crash
– There is an error in the team skill of “Celestial Wizard – Lucy”
– Some mobile devices may occur game crash after entering the stage in Joint Operation

Last Update on 2019/01/25 at 20:43 (UTC+8)