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Known Issues

Known Issues & Fixed Issues for TOS version 19.11 (updated on 2020-07-14)

v19.10 Fixed Issues
Android & iOS :

– Unable to display Ancient Coin Seal
– For iOS device, the purchase button in Diamond Shop does not respond after tapping
– The attributive frames of monsters disappear upon the app update, which will be solved after restarting the game
– In Trade Fortress page, a display error will occur when pressing Cancel during the item purchase
– A display error will occur when the adjutant is changed to monster with EXP-UP in the inventory
– When the animated outfit of “Ultraman ORB” is used, there will be an error in the skill activation image display
– There is a display error in TOS Express
– There is an error in the sorting of Friend/Guild list
– For the iOS devices with firmware older than 13.0, the game may crash when opening the app
– Some of the network (WiFi/4G) cannot connect the game server (-1001
– For some of the Android phones, there is an error in the tapping position
– The instant message button does not respond

【Monster Skills】
“- The attack boost of the following enemy skill loses effect:
“”The enemy disregards all Controlling Skills. When the enemy’s HP >50%, the next Damage dealt will not defeat the enemy (including Active Skills). When the enemy’s HP becomes 1, it recovers 50% of its HP. When the enemy’s HP <50%, enemy’s Attack x 2.”””
– When using Pandora team, the effect of fully charging Craft Apparatus will lose effect when the game is restarted during battle entrance
– In the Team Skill of “Leonard”, the L-shape effect will be triggered wrongly when the Water Runestones are dissolved in 十 shape.
– The HP reduction of Jabir’s Team Skill loses effect
– The Active Skill of Yoko cannot bypass Enchanted Shield
– The stats of the combined card in default team occurs an error
– If the attacking effect is too long, the game may crash upon battle completion
– An error occurs in the triggering condition of GURREN LAGANN’s Team Skill effect “50% extra fire attack”
—- v19.01 Known Issues —-
Android & iOS :
– “Combo” animation occurs a display error in certain situations
– Altering device time will cause display error in some icons
– There is a display error in the interface of iPhone SE2
– The Evolve animation cannot be turned off in Setting
– The interface occurs a display error when more than 5 cards are applied in Monster Level-up
– The Skill Voiceover of “Limitation Transformation – Gon” is missing
– A 1-sec black screen will occur when the team combines into Super Galaxy GURREN LAGANN
– Guild President icon is missing in Friend List
– The Soul amount display occurs an error when the “Tengen Toppa” Diamond Seal cards are decomposed, while the actual receiving amount is correct
– The progress display occurs an error after stage failure (can be solved after re-logging in)
– For v19.2, the images will be cracked upon the first time logging in
– The sorting of Coliseum Leaderboard occurs an error
– Reopening the game during Coliseum battle may cause an error in the point settlement
– There is a display error in the items that cannot be redeemed in Coliseum

【Monster Skills】
– The character’s attack of “Rampage of Doomfire – Pompeii” on the far left is displayed as 0
– Some of the allies are equipped with the unqualified Dragon Crafts
– In certain situations, there will be same defensive skills in Arena
– In the boss wave of LR Pass Registry stage “The Prince’s Scheme”, the game will crash when the left component is defeated
– Using “Ultraman ORB” may lead to game crash
– Runestone can be moved wrongly when the Active Skill of “No. 0017 – Astrid” is activated
– Switching skills will alter the defense value of some Petrified Runestone skills
– When a character switches, the Active Skill of Leeron will not be able to restore all Cracking positions
– Team Skill “Fully Charge the Craft Apparantus” of “The Box of Hope – Pandora” loses effect when the player begins a battle in an on-going Joint Operation
– The tapping position occurs an error when “Tune of Rhythm” is triggered for the 2nd time
– When “Gemini of Recall – Castor & Pollux” is equipped with God Dragon Craft, the sparkling effect for reaching the highest multiplier will be missing
– There is an error in the Leader Skill of “No. 1125 – Zack” – “By dissolving ≥2 groups of Dark Runestones, Combo count +5”
– The HP x1.2 team skill effect of Super Galaxy GURREN LAGANN is missing
– Duplicated characters are wrongly counted in the CD reduction team skill effect of “Team Dai-Gurren Leader – Simon & GURREN LAGANN”, which shouldn’t be counted
– For the 1st phase of the boss wave of Xingtian Ultimate Stage, the increase in ATK and DEF after absorption occurs an error.
– For the 1st phase of the 1st wave of “Roar of Life over Galaxy – Lv 5”, the damage can be dealt without fully powered in certain situations
– The Active Skill of “Crimson Aggression – Rlim” cannot dodge attacks from Dark attributive enemies
– After activating the Active Skill 2 of “Knight of Swordmaster – Lancelot”, the ATK multiplier will not increase when the enemy is defeated with Active Skill
– Combined characters will not trigger the stat bonus of all Crafts
– The active skill of “Advanced Bravotron – Doro” loses effect in certain situations

Android :
– The Stamina display has an error in the APK version
– The return button of Android is crashed