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Known Issues

Known Issues & Fixed Issues for TOS version 19.01 (Update to 2020-05-27 11:54)

v19.01 Fixed Issues

Android & iOS :
-For the burning enemy skill in the Void Properties, the amount of burning occurs an error.
– When encountering switchable enemy with 2 HP phases, Runestones can be spinned abnormally during enemy’s switching.
– Runestones can be spinned abnormally during the end-stage script.
– In v19.0, the zoom function on the top right corner of a card cannot be used.
– When tapping the Vigor recovery button on the top right corner of Arena, Vigor Potion is not included in the page.
– Unable to use Vigor Potion.
– When entering Arena with Attribute-altering card(s), the game will crash after selecting Ally.
– On the bulk purchase page in Arena, a display error will occur if users long press the button.
– Game crash occurs during the amendment of Guild Announcement.
– For iOS version, the game account will be logged out after game crash.

【Monster Skills】
– Skills that resolve Frozen Runestones lose effect.
– The Active Skill of “Maheśvara – Shiva” cannot trigger the Team Skill of “Roy Mustang”.
“- The game will crash if the Active Skill of “”Elpis”” is triggered in the following situations:
1. stages with 0 Earth Runestone dropping
2. Active Skill that reduces Earth Runestone dropping to 0″
– The game will crash during HP recovery when the Active Skill of “Balance of Tao – Dongwanggong” is triggered.
– In the 10th Seal floor “Hall of Prayers”, there is an error in the skills display of the 3rd wave.
– Using the Active Skill of “Fiend of Destruction – Azathoth” in the Runestone dropping-restricted stages may lead to game crash.
– In the boss wave of the stage “The Everlasting Childhood”, damage cannot be dealt properly.
– When the Team HP is depleted to 1 with Birthday Cake Tune equipped, some skills with extra buff in 1 HP condition will lose effect.

—- v19.01 Known Issues —-

Android & iOS :
– “Combo” animation occurs a display error in certain situations
– Altering device time will cause display error in some icons
– After logging out on iOS device, the count down timer will disappear in the first Joint Operation battle.
– For Samsung A70, there will be a display error on the top of a card when the outfit-changing page is opened.
– In Tournament of Duels, tapping blank space during naming will lead to game crash
– For certain phone models, the bottom-most item cannot be redeemed in Tournament of Duels
– An error occurs in tapping position on main map to enter Tournament of Duels
– The image display of Bella’s Pattern of Connection Dragonware is wrongly displayed as the Dragonware of Circe
– There is a display error in the interface of iPhone SE2

【Monster Skills】
– The character’s attack of “Rampage of Doomfire – Pompeii” on the far left is displayed as 0
– Some of the allies are equipped with the unqualified Dragon Crafts
– In certain situations, there will be same defensive skills in Arena
– The Active Skill of “Prehistoric Horn – Brock” can be triggered under the enemy skill that nullifies Runestone-turning skills, whilst the correct setting should be the opposite.
– In the Team Skill of “Leonard”, the L-shape effect will be triggered wrongly when the Water Runestones are dissolved in 十 shape.
– The L-shape Team Skill effect of “Leonard” loses effect in certain situations.
– The game will crash when the Active Skill of “Rocket Explosion – Iggy” is triggered with “Roy Mustang” as leader and ally.
– When the skill that drops specific Attributive Runestones is triggered, an error will occur when the Runestones are exploded after making 0 combo.
– There will be a display error when the Active Skill of Protagonists is triggered with “Green Army” Region
– The Active Skill of Matthew can be triggered with other Time Tunnel skills
– The force point display of “Reaper of Wrath – Zhurong” occurs an error
– The damage reduction of “Romantic Blossoms – Qiao Sisters” cannot reduce the damage from raid attack
– The Human Runestone conversion effect of “Reaper of Wrath – Zhurong” cannot trigger the effect of Enchanted Fire Human Runestone conversion
– When encountering “minion summoning” enemy skill, the Runestone conversion skill of “Reaper of Wrath – Zhurong” loses effect
– The Light & Dark effect posession is missing in the Leader Skill of “Valorous Legend – Guan Yu”
– The enemy skill “Heart Runestones cannot be dissolved in 3 rounds” loses effect when Switching is activated in the next wave of battle
– When the Active Skill of Circe is working with the Leader Skill of Xiang Yu, the HP Recovery display occurs an error
– In the boss wave of LR Pass Registry stage “The Prince’s Scheme”, the game will crash when the left component is defeated

Android :
– The Stamina display has an error in the APK version
– The return button of Android is crashed