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Known Issues

Tower of Saviors v19.6 Known & Fixed Issues (Last update:7 Jan, 12:05pm)

Fixed Issues to be Released on Next Version:
– “Uplifting Tune – Kagamine Len” will lead to game crash upon Switching
– Without Water Runestones present, activating the skill of “Ice-magic Wizard – Gray” will lead to game crash
– The 2nd active skill of “Curing Fist – Crescent” cannot be activated normally
– Error in the activating the skill of “Bobo the Tamer”
– When using Solar/Lunar Sirius as Leader or Ally, it will lead to game crash after entering a stage
– When “Our Father” is in the Team, it will lead to game crash
– Some Runestone-altering skills can still be triggered when an enemy skill that restricts Runestone-altering effect is present
– The Runestone turning effect of “Upright Utopian – Sun Ce” is not working
– Error in the activating the skill of “Stith”
– The active skill of “Tear Beneath the Tree – Minerva” can be triggered while the runestone-restricted skill is activated
– The active skill of “Ultimate Armor X” will trigger CD reduction after tapping the runestone board
– The usage time display of Energy Tank Craft has an error after switching
– Error in skills that use HP to calculate the direct damage against enemies
– The condition of triggering CD reduction of “Amaterasu” has an error
– A wrong setting that the combined skill of “Baal” and “Laplace” can prevent the whole team from skill lock
– After defeating enemies with Active Skill, CD reduction will be triggered again if the Team is equipped with CD-reduction Craft
– The effect of 7 Combo or more in Light Attribute has an error in Rockman’s battle scene
– Craft of CD Reduction is not working
– Craft skills that disregard Puzzle Shield and Quintet Shield are not working
– Activating the skill of “Alex Louis Armstrong” will lead to game crash
– The Team Skill of “Kurapika” that the more the steps moved while moving Runestones, the higher the Team Attack has an error
– An error in the display of unclaimed title

Fixed Issues under Internal Tests:
– Attribute restriction in Arena Trial has a display error
– The damage reduction condition of “The 6th Angel” has an error
– The Golden Lock display has an error in Rockman battle scene
– Aria’s skill that disregards Quintet Shield is not working
– In certain situations, triggering the skill that adds extra 3 rows of Runestones will lead to an error in character’s icons
– The CD reduction of the Team Skill of “Zero” and “Iris” can be triggered again after switching
– “Axl” skill has an error when encountering enemy skill that affects all Runestones
– The damage of the active skill of “Guidance of Clan – Yan Pu” has an error
– Music Craft score and long-press display have an error
– Tunestone Trading can exchange the outfits that players have already owned
– The CD reduction of the Team Skill of 6-star Hindu Gods is not working
– After activating the skill of “Virgo Shaka”, it has a display error in the battle scene of other stages
– The active skill effect of “Axl” disappears after dissolving 100 Light Runestones
– After activating the skill of “Bloody Juxtaposition – Draco”, extra attack will be gone after switching
– Game crash when changing team setup in daily guild mission stages
– The skill of “Joyful Innocence – Baby King” cannot be activated

New Known Issues:
– CD reduction triggered by Dragonic Compulsion is not working

v19.61 Fixed Issues
Android & iOS :
– Rare items in guild missions don’t have shining effect
– The outfit reward name of “Colchian Dragon” stage has an error
– Display error in seeking Ally in the guild chatroom
– In Andriod, the “Back” button of some UI is not working
– In certain situations, all team setups will be reset when AME is conducted after joining the battle of Ancient Wars
– The display of the card back dropped in the stage has an error

【Monster Skills】
– Skills related to race damage multiplier don’t not have the multiplier effect after the enemy is defeated
– When you activate the skill of “Research of Life – Schrödinger” upon 1 HP, the CD reduction of Machina may not be working
– When the character switches after activating the skill of “Sultry Fragrance – Andromeda”, her skill icon will disappear
– When you encounter boss skills of attack reduction after the switching of “Asuka & EVA Production Model-02 (Rebuild) Combat Mode”, the count down display of her skill will disappear
– The active skill of “Aforgomon the Blinding Dazzle” fails to generate Heart Runestones when HP is below 30%
– In the Exra & Elite stage of “Kraken”, the more attacking times of the enemy in the boss round is not working
– The 1st active skill of “Wretched Twins – Bhairava & Nandi” doesn’t have Enchanted effect
– After activating the skill of “Zhu Bajie the Heavenly Marshal”, it will lead to game crash after switching/combination
– The active skill of “Cerulean Illusion – Mephibo” will generated Enchanted Runestones after explosion
– The active skill of “Diabolic Magma – Cherufe” doesn’t calculate the combined skill
– The active skill of “Pride” doesn’t calculate the team members whose Attributes were changed
– The team skill of “Innocent Temptation – Eve” adds Forbidden Fruits when passing Wave
– In certain situations, activating the 2nd skill of “Tooth Fairy – Teannie” and “Mind Expansion – Morse” will lead to game crash
– The combined skills of Water, Fire and Dark “Immortal Heroes” has a wrong position setting
– Earth Immortal Hero and Minds of the Fray have a wrong setting that -5CD after entering a stage
– Baal’s skill that disregards Fixed Combo Shield is not working
– The AME skill of Enoch that generates Dark Runestones has a display error
– Brahma’s Team Skill will generate God Runestones
– In certain situations, “Sweet Bloodlust – Noah” will lead to game crash
– When the enemy explodes Runestones, using “Switching” skill will lead to game crash
– Some “Tornado” boss skills will disappear after character switches
– The skill of “Phantom Pride – Ishtar” that restores B&W Runestones cannot be triggered normally
– Error in activating the skill of “God of Gold & Food – Daikokuten”
– Error in activating the skill of “Priestess of Flawless Purity – Xi”
– Error in activating the skill of “Astonishing Magic – Iron Hamel”
– The skill of “Master of Fairy Tail – Makarov” that disregards Boss Skills is not working
– “Gendoh Ikari” doesn’t add the Craft Apparatus storage
– Greek Gods dissolving God Runestones to recover HP is not working
– Wrong Runestones dropping of Greek Gods
– The team skill of “Commandment of Love – Estarossa” is not working
– The damage reduction of team skill of “Diva of Obsession – Cleo” is not working
– After Awakening Recall, the active skill of “Cancer of Resolution – John” that disregards Initial Shield is not working
– Error in activating the skill of “Stith”
– For “Defensive Dragons”, the effect has an error when activating their active skill again
– The team skill of “Commandment of Faith – Melascula” that reduces HP is not working
– Game crash after activating the skill of “Miles the Devout Knight”

Known Issues Pending:
– There should be a fade-out effect when the app is playing the next song
– When the Joint Operation is not opened, the spirit display on the main map disappeared
– In certain situations, revive button disappears

【Monster Skills】
– In certain situations, there will be same defensive skills in Arena
– In certain situations, the attack effect will remain in play after activating “Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Fourth Form: Sunflower” of King