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New Player Guide

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Dissolve Runestones

  Runestones set the stage for all Battles. The move of 1 Runestone will affect positions of the surroundings. By moving 1 Runestone to align 3 or more of the same Attribute horizontally or vertically, Runestones will be dissolved to give your Monsters power to attack.

D001-1 D001-2

Dissolving 3 Runestones of same Attribute can initiate Attack.

D001-3 D001-4

Dissolving Heart Runestones is effected for Recovering.

Runestones Combo

  In each Battle, Summoners can move 1 Runestone within a time limit; once Summoners let go of the Runestone or when time is up, Attack power will be calculated according to the Runestones dissolved. By dissolving 2 or more Runestone combinations at a time, Summoners can make a Combo. The more Combos you made, the more powerful Attacks are on enemies.

D002-1 D002-2

Making Combos can power up Attack.


  Power will build up in the corresponding Monster in your Team according to Attribute of Runestones dissolved to inflict Attack. Dissolving Runestones of other Attributes will add power to the Attack when Combos are made. If Runestones of unrelated Attributes are dissolved, no Attack will be inflicted. 

D003-1 D003-2
Dissolving Runestones, the team members of corresponding Attribute will initiate Attack to enemies.