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~Upcoming battles (Nov 25 to Dec 1)~

★ One-week Exclusive Battle:

『Descent of Spirit – Fire』
Time: Nov 25 (Mon) – Dec 1 (Sun)


★ Two-week Exclusive Battle:

B.Duck Crossover Battle 『The Visitor from afar – Earth』
Time: Nov 18 (Mon) – Dec 1 (Sun)


★ Soulmaster stage 『The King from Afar』

Time: Nov 27 (Wed) 00:00 – 23:59
The expedition force has set sail to invade the land with forceful runic power!
*One-day Exclusive Battle


★ Special Event 『The Holy Temple’s Trial – Dark』

Event’s Start Time:
Apprentice – Nov 18 (Mon)
Elite – Nov 19 (Tue)
Master – Nov 20 (Wed)
Grandmaster – Nov 21 (Thurs)
*Note: The stages have a team cost limit. Stages of all difficulty levels will be ended on Dec 1 (Sun).


★ Special Event 『The Mad Blue Tempest』
Time: Nov 30 (Sat) 00:00 – 23:59
The Mad Blue Tempest is sweeping across the world. Who is the commander behind?
*One-time clearance


★ New Event 『The Light Soul’s Blessing』
Time: Nov 25 (Mon) – Dec 1 (Sun)
Blessings from the souls are coming your way!



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