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~Upcoming battles (Dec 30 to Jan 5)~

★ Two-week Exclusive Battle:

『Happy Fireside Elves』
Time: Dec 30 (Mon) – Jan 12 (Sun)


★ Two-week Exclusive Battle:

『Lovely Snow Angel』
Time: Dec 23 (Mon) – Jan 5 (Sun)


★ Transmigration Event 『Way to Cruelty』

Start Time: Dec 12 (Thurs)
Demonstrate your ruthless cruelty and raise as the god of war!


★ Opening of New Transmigration Stage

Start time: Dec 31 (Tue) 11:00
Greater challenges lie ahead in the new year!


During the event, accumulated rewards will be given when Summoners pass specific rounds in the new 『Transmigration』!
Event Period: Jan 1 (Wed) 00:00 – Jan 31 (Fri) 23:59


The accumulated rewards for passing specific rounds are as follows:
20th round – Friend List capacity +5
25th round – Friend List capacity +5
30th round – Inventory capacity +5
35th round – Inventory capacity +5
40th round – 1 diamond
45th round – 1 diamond
50th round – 1 Harpy


** If Summoners’ Friend List has reached the maximum capacity (250), the reward will be changed to 1 diamond; if the Inventory has reached the maximum capacity (600), the reward will also be changed to 1 diamond.


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