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Mandatory Update Announcement – Tower of Saviors Version 4.6 『Infinite Ragnarok』

Summoners, the new version is coming soon! We’re excited to announce that 【Tower of Saviors】Version 4.6 『Infinite Ragnarok』 will be officially released on Feb 19 (Wed)!

To prepare for the Version 4.6 update, a mandatory server maintenance will be carried out on Feb 19 (Wed) from 11:00am – 7:00pm (UTC+08). The approximate server maintenance duration is 8 hours. Please note that all Instant Battles on Feb 19 (Wed) will be canceled.

After the server maintenance, a mandatory update to Version 4.6 will be applied. All Summoners must download the latest Version and update the game to Version 4.6 to continue the adventure.

Summoners must leave all battles and log out of the game before Feb 19 (Wed) 11:00am (UTC+08) to prevent any loss of game data due to server maintenance.

Before the mandatory update, Summoners are also suggested to bind their accounts with social network (Facebook or Twitter) to prevent any loss of account or game data.

To better prepare for the new challenges in Version 4.6, Summoners can visit the TOS Official Fan Group to communicate and share strategies with fellow players!
TOS Official Fan Group


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