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Tower of Saviors Version 6.0 Known Issues Announcement

The TOS team is working hard to fix the known issues in Tower of Saviors Version 6.0, and Version 6.02 for Android will be released today May 23 (Fri) at a later time. If Summoners have encountered the following unusual issues in the game, please update to Version 6.02 immediately after it is released.


Tower of Saviors Version 6.0 known issues:


1. After quitting the game or switching to other programs, the game might crash during re-login.

2. Unusual login issues occurred on certain devices.

3. When using the independent Diamond Seal and the Inventory limit was reached, the hint message could not be displayed. If Summoners attempted to make another diamond seal card draw, no cards could be drawn and no diamonds would be consumed.

4. When the Active Skill “Compassion” was activated, the same skills on multiple enemies were repeatedly counted.

5. After the “Not enough Stamina” message was shown when entering an Amelioration stage, team selection would become unusual.

6. The required Stamina for Story Mode stages “The Black Treasure Map – Fight of Two Crocodiles” and “The Elegant Evil – Block the Queen” were incorrect. (This issue can be temporarily solved after re-logging into the game.)


Summoners, we thank you for your patience and support. All of the above known issues will be fixed in the next version (Version 6.02 for Android). Stay tuned with TOS Fan Page and Official Website for the latest news!


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