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Patch Notes – TOS Version 7.5 『Surging Drive』

  In Tower of Saviors Version 7.5 “Surging Drive”, the “Terrified Spirits” series are ready for “Power Release”. “The Immortals” will also be given the power from “Mind of the Fray” to rage in the Deathmatch.

  In Version 7.5 new story mode brings new changes to TOS realm, 30 new characters from 4 major series are here for you to summon! In addition, the game interface and system has been further optimized. Bringing Summoners with brand-new gaming experience!

Tower of Saviors Version 7.5 “Surging Drive” Update Details:  

1. Added New Monster

– 36 monsters and various new skills are added. There are 781 monsters in total.

2. Increased Inventory capacity

 – Inventory increased to 1200 slots.

3. Optimized Game Interface and Game Experience

– Added Amelioration Skill for “Heroes from afar” and “Komainus of the Temple”.
– Added marquee information column.
– Removal of “Offering of Oblation” from the Guild Individual Missions.
– Added new stage music and backgrounds.

4. Added New Story Mode Stages

– Summoners can find new story mode stage “Monument of Aokigahara”, in “The Traveler’s Memories” located on the top right after completing the stage “Unleash the Third Seal”.

5. Added New Display of Active Skill Experience

– The experience of active skill can be shown by clicking on the skill level on the character card.
– If character card contains more than one active skills, Summoners can switch it by clicking on the skill switching button.

6. Enhancement on Recording Function

– Added “Selfie Video”, Summoners can see their facial expression while recording. (Only supports iOS version).


7. Enhance Combination feature for Characters

– Added Amelioration Skill to combination characters, Amelioration level will be the same as the level of the characters before initiating combination.
– After combination, the team will become more powerful. Such as HP fully recovered or team attack increased x 150%.


8. Enhance Guild’s Instant Chat Room

– Chat Room displaying item limit increased from 50 to 100.
– Added “completed all achievements” message.


9. Fixed Certain Known Issues

– When using active skill “Arrow of the General” to eliminate enemies, abnormal condition occurs after combination in the next round.
– Abnormal music played when challenging and going into the calculation interface of “Transmigration of the Arcane”.
– Under certain circumstances, abnormal condition occurs on team skill of “Regulator – Deus Ex Machina”.
– Failure to kill the enemy using active skill “Arrow of the General”, will get stuck in the skill launching state.
– Active skill “Shift of Life” mistakenly converted non-attribute damage dealt with enemy to HP.
– Correction to the description of active skill “Total annihilation”.
– Correction to the skill description from the Boss stage of “World Boss”.

Tower of Saviors Version 7.5 “Surging Drive” Known Issues

Version 7.5 “Surging Drive” Known Issue on iOS and Google Play

– The combination feature of “The Immortals” and “Mind of the Fray” is temporarily unavailable, further arrangement will be notified on our official website.

Version 7.5 “Surging Drive” Known Issue on iOS

– “Weathered Runestone” will appear abnormally after combination, when encountering “Weathered Runestone” in the previous stage.
– When quitting and re-login to the battle after “Diarmuid & the Great Spears” and “Rosa Sisters – Amor & Celos” combined, the attack will maintain 150%.
– After quitting and re-login to the battle, unusual displaying of the puzzle shield.
– Under certain circumstances, launched abnormally on active skill “Prison Break”.
– Unusual displayed achievement completion message in the live Chat Room.
– Selfie Video feature cannot be selected properly.
– Player will remain in the battle even after disconnecting from the battle in Multiplayer mode.

The above issues will be fixed in the next version update.


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