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Patch Notes – TOS Version 8.1 “Awakening of Remains”

  In Tower of Saviors Version 8.1 “The Awakening of Remains”, bringing a whole new region for Summoners to explore. New characters from “Dragon from Sepulchre” will reveal its mysterious figure!


Chinese Gods could attain greater power through Amelioration, leading a new force for players! In addition, the game interface and system have been further optimized. Bringing Summoners with brand-new gaming experience!


Tower of Saviors Version 8.1 “Awakening of Remains” Update Details:   

1. Added New Monster

– 22 Monsters and various new skills are added, there are 844 Monsters in total.

2. Player Level Limit Increased

 – Player level limit increased from 450 to 500.

3. Extended Game Map

– Extension of the game map, Summoners can view the new map by sliding down on the main screen.
– Summoners can enter different play modes through the new map, such as “Guild” and “League Match”.

4. Optimized Game Interface and Game Experience

– Newly added English character stories.
– Added Amelioration Skill for “Chinese Gods”.
– Added specified monster attack effects.
– Newly added “Visual Effects” option.
– Optimized the interface of “Select Ally”.
– Added Individual Daily Guild stages.
– Optimized the display of Monster name shown on cards.
– The display of Leader Skills and Active Skills can now scroll up and down for a better view.


5. Fixed known issue

– The race of “Baby Amber Dragon” will be changed from Gods to Dragons.

Tower of Saviors Version 8.1 “Awakening of Remains” Known Issue

Version 8.1 “Awakening of Remains” Known Issue on iOS

– A problem with the Attack rate after combining “Immortal Heroes” and “Minds of the Fray”.
– Active Skill “Saprophytism” cannot be summed up.
– Could not initiate “Undivided Attention” which multiply all Attacks, after using Leader Skill “The Dual Effect – Wave” to dissolve a group of 5 Heart Runestones.
– After launching Active Skill or Leader Skill to kill the enemy which possess the skill of “absorb all abilities from all its defeated companions” in one round, abnormal ability occurs.
– Abnormal display on the card dropping in story mode “Mystic Mansion”.

The above issues will be fixed in the next version update.


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