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Patch Notes – TOS Version 9.0 “Maze in the Void Heaven”

  Tower of Saviors Version 9.0 “Maze in the Void Heaven” has conducted a mandatory server maintenance on Mar 30 (Mon), the game content are as follows:


Tower of Saviors Version 9.0 “Maze in the Void Heaven” Update Details:   

1.  Added New Monster

– 42 monsters and various new skills are added, there are 886 monsters in total.
– Added the whole series of “Major Gods of Babylon” in Diamond Seal.


2. Added New Main Stages

– Newly added the main stages for Eighth Seal, Summoners must cleared the Sixth Seal in order to have access to the map for Eighth Seal.

3. Optimized Game Interface and Game Experience

– Added Power Release for the “Twelve Zodiacs” series.
– Added Amelioration for the “Cunning Phantoms” and “72 Demons” series.
– Newly added battle background and background music.


4. Adjustment on Game Content

– The Evolving Material for “Yuki-onna” will be switched from “Unified Shadow Spirit” to “Eternal Azure Spirit”.
– The drawing chance of Level-up Materials, Protagonists, Paladins, Defensive Dragons, and Chinese Mythological Beasts is increased in “Friend Point Seal”.

5. Upcoming Game Contents

Some game contents will be released in the upcoming iOS Version 9.02, including:

– Team skills for “Major Gods of Babylon”.
– Added Amelioration level 4 for “The Evil Queen”, “The Obsessive Evil Queen”, “Astaroth” and “Astaroth the Duke of Hell”.



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