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[Notice for Ultimate and Nightmare Stage]

[Prior to Ultimate and Nightmare Stage]

– Stock Diamonds in Advance

To ensure a smooth battle and prevent any loss from purchasing Diamonds during the battle, Summoners are advised to stock up on Diamonds before entering the stage.


– Do Not Switch Login

Summoners are also reminded not to log into the same account with another device or version during battle, otherwise game data may be lost.


[During battles in Ultimate and Nightmare Stage]


– Maintain the Fairness of the Game

To maintain the fairness of the game, please do not use any unauthorized plug-ins, extensions or false data, or hire gamers to play the game for you to abuse the game. Playing against these regulations may cause any related accounts to be permanently blocked.

Click here for more information on the Tower of Saviors Security System.


– Results not shown on the Leader Board

There are 4 reasons why your results will NOT be shown on the Leader Board:

  1. If Summoners quit the game during the battle and re-login (Kill App)

  2. Accounts listed as “Violation Accounts”

  3. Accounts proved to be involved in unauthorized activities according to the data of system(third-party applications, autoplay, etc… )

  4. Using any kind of simulator or emulator to run the game


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