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Tower of Saviors Version 9.1 “Slinging the Dimensions” Known Issue List

“Tower of Saviors” Version 9.1 Fixed Issues:

1. A problem occurred when launching Leader Skills for “Diablo, Manipulator of Elements” and 6★ “Toy Pixies” series.
2. Abnormal display on notification in the shop interface of “Diamond Shop”.

“Tower of Saviors” Version 9.1 Known Issues:

1. Some mobile devices failed to login.
2. (iOS Version) Abnormal skill displayed on the enemy in the 4th wave of “Portent of Fights – Reversing Everything” from the 8th Seal.
3. (iOS Version) Abnormal enemy skill effect occurred in the last wave of “Regret of the Mother”.


Last Update : 2015/4/29


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