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[Tower of Saviors X Monster Strike Character Redemption Settings Adjustment]

Event Website:

Summoners, the redemption code obtained by completing a special stage in “Monster Strike” for the first time, can redeem “Stormbringer Susano’o” in TOS from the above event website!
By entering the redemption code obtained from clearing TOS special stage “Carnival of the Strikers” can redeem “Grand Sage Molly” in “Monster Strike”.

However, the team found that “Monster Strike” gives out redemption codes each time after completing the stage in “Monster Strike”, and some redemption codes are invalid. The TOS team is aware of this and discussing with “Monster Strike”.

The new adjustment by TOS team: Summoners can now collect “Stormbringer Susano’o” x 1 by re-logging in to the event website, and entering your redemption code once more. (Each TOS UID can redeem ONCE only.)

Details on the redemption:

(Redemption codes will be valid until June 14, 2015 on or before 23:59)


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