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Details on Guild Event “Expectant Wait for Eternal Love”


★ 6th Event: Guild Event “Expectant Wait for Eternal Love”
Time: Jun 29 (Mon) – Jul 5 (Sun)
True love never dies, it only gets stronger with time…


Summoners will have a chance to obtain shadow puppets by completing the stage from “Hand in Hand” during the event period. Each shadow puppet represents different Guild Points. If you have achieved certain Guild Points and successfully collected all 12 shadow puppets, you will be awarded the Top Prize – “Cowherd of Undying Love – Altair” x 1 (MAX Skill Level). Hurry up and recruit more Guild members to share the glory!

Note: There will be some adjustments on Top 100 Guild this time. Guilds in both Traditional Chinese Version and English Version will be counted in the same ranking system, which means their Guild Score will be counted together. Guilds will also be categorized in two different groups: Group I (Guild Level 1 – Guild Level 10) and Group II (Guild Level 11 – Guild Level 15).


Shadow Puppets Redemption:


 shadow puppets

Redemption Points

Special shadow puppets

Redemption Points

The Beautiful First Encounter – Easy

 200x200V3 200x200V4




If Love Never Dies – Normal

 200x200V5 200x200V6




Becoming the Legend of Love – Hard

 200x200v1 200x200v2






The Accumulated Prizes are as follows:

2,000 accumulated Guild Points & 20 Personal Guild Points or above – “Diamond” x1
4,000 accumulated Guild Points & 40 Personal Guild Points or above – “Baby Harpy” x2
7,000 accumulated Guild Points & 70 Personal Guild Points or above – “Cowherd of Undying Love – Altair” x 1 (Skill level of 1).
12,500 accumulated Guild Points & 125 Personal Guild Points or above – “Rhinobeetle Samurai” x 1.
20,000 accumulated Guild Points, 200 Personal Guild Points & obtained 12 shadow puppets – “Cowherd of Undying Love – Altair” x 1 (MAX Skill Level).

Example: If a guild has accumulated 2,000 Guild Points, members who contributed 20 Guild Points or above would be given “Diamond” x 1, which means it would not be received by members who contributed less than 20 Guild Points.


1. Guilds of all levels are eligible for this event.
2. The current Guild Points will be shown in Guild Announcement.
3. Shadow Puppets can be found in “Guild Emblem” → “Showroom”, Summoners can view which member obtained it first by clicking the shadow puppet.
4. Shadow Puppets which are gained by Guild, but not Summoners himself / herself, will be shown in shadow in “Showroom”.
5. Guild Points and rewards will be counted on an accumulated basis. For example, when a Guild has accumulated 4,000 Guild Points, all members achieving 40 Personal Guild Points or more in the Guild will be awarded “Diamond” x1 and “Baby Harpy” x2.
6. Only Guild Points earned by Jul 5 (Sun) 23:59 will be calculated. To collect Guild Points, Summoners must enter the stages of “Hand in Hand” and complete the battle by Jul 5 (Sun) 23:59.
7. All rewards will be distributed on Jul 6 (Mon). Summoners can collect them in “Community” -> “Reward” after re-logging into the game between Jul 6 – Jul 19.
8. All rewards will only be distributed to Summoners who have joined a Guild on or before Jul 5 (Sun) 23:59. Summoners who join a Guild beyond the time will NOT be given any reward.
9. If any Guild member is found to be involving in unauthorized gaming activities, Guild Points collected by the member will be cancelled immediately.
10. If a Guild member is kicked by the Guild Leader or leaves their Guild during the event period, the shadow puppets obtained will remain in the Guild.
11. If a Guild member is kicked by the Guild Leader during the event, the Guild Points contributed by the member will be cancelled and will NOT be transferred to any Guild that member joins afterwards. If a Guild member leaves the Guild on his/her own during the event, the Guild Points contributed by the member will remain in the original Guild.
12. The Top 100 Guild and Golden Badge will be updated after the event. They stay valid until the next Guild Event.


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