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[TOS Version 9.2 Amendments on Monsters’ Setting and Compensation Announcement]

Some Monsters have abnormal settings in Version 9.2 and our Team has fixed the issues accordingly. Details are as follows:


1. Updated the Level-up and EXP setting of “Rhinobeetle Samurai”;

2. Added Team Skills “Lust for Blood” for “Nidhogg the Corpse of Ragnarök” and Monsters from “Defensive Dragons” and “Ancient Dragons” series.


To express our apologies, Summoners will receive “Millennium Terra Soulstone” x2 as a compensation. Please log in between Jun 30 (Tue) 00:00 – Jul 6 (Mon) 23:59 to collect the compensation. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Note: Compensation only applies to Summoners of level 10 or above before Jul 6 (Mon) 23:59.


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