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[Announcement on Management Measures for Guild President]

In order for Guilds to be well taken care of, management measures for Guild President will be available soon.


The measure will be carried out starting from July 7 on Guild level 7 – 9. Details are as follows:


i. If Presidents have not logged in for 10 days or more, an alert message will display on the Guild Announcement.

ii. If the Presidents failed to login within the next 4 days, The Vice-President who got the highest level will take up the President’s role.

iii. If there are no Vice-Presidents in the Guild, the member who got the highest level will become President. The ex-President will remain in Guild as a normal member.


The measure will be applied to more Guilds in the near future, Please stay tuned for the latest news on TOS Fans Page and Official Website.


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