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Announcement on “Tower of Saviors X B. Duck” Character Arrangement

– “Heroes from Afar” will be removed from Diamond Seal Card Draw and new characters from “Komainus of the Temple” series will be added. They include “The Devoted Dog”, “The Valiant Dog” and “The Gracious Dog”.

– “Traveler’s Partner” will be removed from Friend Point Seal Card Draw.

– The obtainable Monsters from “1-Year Anniversary Purchase Reward” Card Draw will be adjusted as follows:


Obtainable Monsters before adjustment:
5* The Treasure Raider
5* The Martial Master
5* The Tribal Chief
5* The Merry Puppy
5* The Grumpy Puppy

Obtainable Monsters after adjustment:
5* The Devoted Dog
5* The Valiant Dog
5* The Gracious Dog
5* The Merry Puppy
5* The Grumpy Puppy


The above adjustment will become effective after Version Update 10.0 is completed. If you still keep the “1-Year Anniversary Purchase Reward” drawing chance in “Rewards”, please use it before the Version Update, or else the result will be affected by the adjustment.


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