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[Abnormal Leaderboard Display in Ultimate Stage “Balance of Order” and Compensation Announcement] ( 2015 / 11 / 10 )

Our Team has noticed an abnormal display in the Leaderboard of Ultimate Stage “Balance of Order” which was open on Nov 6 (Fri) 22:00 – Nov 7 (Sat) 23:59. Some Summoners might not be able to update the Leaderboard after completing the stage.

To compensate for the impact on Summoners, Summoners will receive “Stamina Refill” X 1 as a compensation (No expiry date). Summoners can log in to the game and receive the compensation during Nov 11 (Wed) 00:00 – Nov 17 (Tue) 23:59.

(The compensation is only applicable to Summoners who have reached level 10 or above by Nov 17 (Tue) 23:59.)


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