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[Nightmare Stage “When Twilight Fades” – Error in Reward Distribution Announcement]

During the period of Feb 19 (Fri) 22:00 to Feb 20 (Sat) 01:00, UTC+8, we have found out Summoners were not able to receive Heavy Gear Knight x 1 and 200 Souls after clearing the Nightmare Stage “When Twilight Fades” for the first time.

Our team has just fixed the problem and the reward setting is now back to normal. Summoners can re-log in to the game and claim their rewards in “Community” -> “Reward” after clearing the Nightmare Stage for the first time.

1. Summoners who have cleared the stage before Feb 20 (Sat) 01:00, UTC+8 do not have to clear the stage again. They can claim back their rewards after re-logging to the game.
2. Summoners can claim their rewards during the period of Feb 20 (Sat) to Mar 4 (Fri).


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