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[“The Rider’s Cavalcade of Decorated Eggs” Celebration Events ]

★ 1st Event: Daily Login Diamonds
Time: Mar 21 (Mon) – Mar 25 (Fri)
1 Diamond would be given daily during this period. Log in every day to get a total of 5 Diamonds!

★ 2nd Event: Diamond Seal Card Draw Event “Summoning the Prime Demons”
Time: Mar 25 (Fri)
During the day of event, the chances of drawing “Demon” will be increased. In addition, the summon rate for “Origin of Demons” series will greatly increase!

★ 3rd Event: Ultimate Stage “Wings of Power”
Time: Mar 25 (Fri) 22:00 – Mar 26 (Sat) 23:59
Spread out the sacred wings and track down the root of sin!

★ 4th Event: Source of Victory
Time: Mar 26 (Sat)
Log in on the day to receive Stamina Refill x 1!
*Important: the Stamina Refill must be used by 23:59 of the day.

★ 5th Event: Guild Event “Scramble for Decorated Eggs”
Time: Mar 21 (Mon) – Mar 27 (Sun)
“Sorbian Rider Rabbit – Moai”: Stay away from my Decorated Eggs!
Event Details:

★ 6th Event: Bonus Stamina
1st Bonus Period: Mar 21 (Mon) – Mar 22 (Tue)
2nd Bonus Period: Mar 23 (Wed) – Mar 24 (Thur)
Stamina Refill x 1 will be given to Summoners who used Diamond to recover Stamina for the first time during the designated period (The Stamina Refill will never expire). A total of 2 Stamina Refills can be obtained.

Example: When you use Diamond to recover Stamina on Mar 21 (Mon), you will receive 1 Stamina Refill from the 1st Bonus Period. If you use Diamond to recover on Mar 22 (Tue) again, you will NOT receive the reward for the second time. If you use Diamond to recover Stamina on Mar 23 (Wed), you will receive another Stamina Refill from the 2nd Bonus Period.

★ 7th Event: The Return of “Frustration of Youkai”
Time: Mar 21 (Mon) – Apr 10 (Sun)
All stages of “Frustration of Youkai” will be re-open at the same time during the event period. Summoners may also come across “Kaleidoscopic Youkai – Nekomata” in Advanced and Extra Stages.

Re-opened stages include:
“Frustration of Youkai – Water”
“Frustration of Youkai – Fire”
“Frustration of Youkai – Earth”
“Frustration of Youkai – Light”
“Frustration of Youkai – Dark”

* All characters from “Hyakki Yagyō – Charm” series are now granted Dual Max Bonus!

★ 8th Event: Mysterious Event
Time: Mar 22 (Tue)
Event details shall be announced soon!


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