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[Update Announcement] TOS iOS Version 12.15 and Android Version 12.16 Mandatory Update Announcement] ( 2016 / 7 / 5 )

“Tower of Saviors” iOS Version 12.15 and Android Version 12.16 Download Link:

The latest version of “Tower of Saviors” has already been released. Players must update the game to the latest version to continue the game.

Fixed Issues in this Version:
– An abnormal issue occurred when activating “Switching” after activating “Combination” and Active Skill that will stay in play. The Active Skill effect next to the Switched Monster will be canceled.
– After activating “Switching” of “Revolutionary Heroes” series, the team skill that affecting the stats of Ally, Leader Skill or Active Skill CD will be canceled.
– An abnormal issue occurred on the 2nd Skill CD of “Immortal Heroic Spirits” Monster when activating “Switching” after “Combination” is activated in the battle.
– In iOS version, an abnormal display of the final calculation when using Dragonary Compulsion to recover HP. (The skill effect is not affected)


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